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    Month: May 2020

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    By Daniel Joelson | May 7 2020
    The first cohort of those eligible for PSLF began applying in October 2017. However, as of June 2019, only around 1.1% of those who applied received forgiveness under the program. Your Public Service Loan Forgiveness application can be rejected if you don’t ...

    Get Paid to Go to College

    By Daniel Joelson | May 6 2020
    Nearly 65% of college seniors graduate with student loan debt. And with student loan debts reaching record highs—at the Fed's last count in 2019 Q2, $1.48 trillion—you may be searching for a more cost-effective way to attend college. After all, college tui ...

    How Do Personal Loans Work?

    By Daniel Joelson | May 5 2020
    Categories: Car Title Loans
    Personal loans typically have a fixed interest rate and term length, allowing borrowers to make a clear, predictable repayment plan. Personal loan funds can be used for a variety of reasons, from consolidating high-interest debt to paying for a wedding or a ca ...

    Bankruptcy: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

    By Daniel Joelson | May 4 2020
    U.S. laws offer a fresh start to overwhelmed debtors. Bankruptcy can help you wipe out debt through discharge, create viable debt repayment plans or alter the terms of your debt. What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is federal protection that helps people and bu ...

    Credit Repair 101

    By Daniel Joelson | May 3 2020
    You probably already know just how important your credit score is, and how this three-digit manifestation of your credit health can affect your life. Without a solid credit score, you may struggle to get your apartment, buy a home, or finance a car, for exampl ...

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