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    4 Tips On How You Should Prepare When Riding A Motorcycle

    By sbanderas | May 20 2021
    Categories: Blog,  car accidents

    As many people will tell you, riding a bike is an amazing feeling, especially when you go at higher speeds. However, those same people should also tell you that it could be dangerous and that it takes a certain amount of preparation before mounting the motorcycle. There are many things you have to consider before starting the ride. Follow this article to see what you have to do.

    How do you prepare for riding a motorcycle?

    Preparation for riding a motorcycle takes a clear head to make sure everything is alright. First of all, you have to take your safety into account and after then the technical things that come along with the bike. There are four main things you need to consider before any ride, and here they are.

    1.Gear up

    The first, and possibly most important thing during preparation is protecting yourself. This means that you get the appropriate gear for the bike ride. The motorcycle enthusiasts at emphasize that your safety comes first before anything else, and you have to know how to properly dress for the trip. Here is what you will need:

    • Helmet
    • Windbreaker/Motorcycle jacket
    • Pads (for knees and elbows)
    • Leather gloves (and a spare)
    • Over the ankle motorcycle boots
    • Motorcycle pants
    • Earplugs
    • First aid kit                                                         

    Having these pieces of clothing will surely make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Remember to get the proper gear and don’t try to save money on it too much because they can possibly save your life. Also, always check your shoelaces so they wouldn’t get caught in the engine while riding.

    2. Check if everything on your motorcycle is working fine

    The other important safety check is the bike itself. You have to be sure that no part of it will fail you once you get out on the road, because it can be life-threatening for you and other people. Do routine inspections of your bike frequently to be one hundred percent certain nothing will go wrong. This includes both bigger and smaller errors on the motorcycle that could potentially create a mess. If you are not sure if something isn’t working right, or your bike knowledge is not that good yet, the best idea is to take it to a mechanic who will see if there is something wrong and fix it for you right away. The things you need to take into consideration are:

    • Windshield
    • Windscreen
    • The tires (whether they are properly inflated)
    • Tire treads
    • Lights
    • Cables
    • The wheels
    • The engine
    • Steering wheel
    • The brakes
    • The bike stand
    • The oil
    • The gas

    3. Try to relax and stay calm

    This tip should go out to everyone out there driving, but it is more important to the people on two-wheelers since you are exposed to more danger on the bike. That is why you need to clear your head before mounting the bike in order to be able to concentrate once you are out in traffic. Focusing on everything going on around you is never easy, and it is more difficult when you are riding at high speeds with a helmet blocking some of your view on the sides. That is why you need to stay fresh and clear-headed for riding and no one will get hurt.

    Do not go out there if you haven’t slept enough the night before, or at least have some coffee to keep you awake during the road. A relaxed and well-rested mind will be able to focus on everything that is going on around it. Don’t let your negligence become your, or someone else’s demise.

    4. Go through a proper training

    Before anything else, you have to learn to ride the motorcycle, and the best way to do so is to go through proper training with a professional. Even after you obtain your license there will be a need for improvement. Take extra classes with your own bike to get the right feel and you’ll have no problem riding it even on longer trips. This training should also teach you the basics of all the other things mentioned above, especially when it comes to gear and checking the motorcycle.

    With these tips, you will be on your way riding a motorcycle safely and properly. Always keep in mind that you need to care for your own safety, as well as other people on the road. Your safety comes firstly with having the right gear on you and checking the bike. Other people depend on how focused you are, and also how much experience you have on the motorcycle so learn to do everything right and there will be no problems. Ride safely.