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    6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Shipping Your Car To Its New Home

    By sbanderas | December 3 2021
    Categories: Blog,  financial tips

    Shipping your car to its new home, especially if you’ve never engaged in such an activity, can seem daunting and maybe a bit confusing. You are requesting this large, heavy, and important thing to be sent large distances and the trust is put in someone else to ensure it gets there safely.

    We are all very much accustomed to sending items in the post and know-how that the whole process works, but sending your car is completely different. Luckily in this day and age, there are companies who can help us with basically anything. We can tap into their experience and expertise to ensure things go smoothly and mean they can take the bulk of the stress away.

    Knowing the main mistakes people tend to make when shipping their car will put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to divert away from these normal mistakes. It will also provide you with some peace of mind that your car is being transported effectively. So what are the six mistakes you should avoid when shipping your car to its new home?

    • Choosing The Wrong Shipper

    Now it’s probably a given that you’re not a professional shipper of cars. Luckily for you, there are such people and companies that exist to oversee and take control of this situation for you and provide a solution. What you will soon realize is the complexity of this whole process and become extremely thankful you can use a company to help you ship your car. 

    • Not Doing Your Research

    If you don’t take the time to do your own personal investigations and work things out for yourself, then you’ll never understand it. The auto transport guru at advises you to be proactive, bring energy to this, and invest time into doing the correct research. How much do you know about what shipping your car to its new home actually entails? What hidden costs are there? What things do you need to be super mindful of? These are all critical questions the auto shipping companies can lead you to save both time and money in the long run with this whole task.

    • Not Asking For Advice

    Chances are that you know people who have been down this road before and can shed some light on the overall way it works. The great thing about asking those who you trust is their feedback and advice is most likely to be real and they will tell you the actual truth. They can give you an insight into bad experiences, poor customer service, or the wrong way to go about shipping your car to its new home.

    • Thinking You Know How The Process Works

    Everyone has self-confidence but you need to ensure you don’t think you know it all, especially when it comes to handling valuable things such as your car and involves things you truly care about. Be humble, become an open book, and throw yourself into the process and you will make way fewer mistakes. No one knows everything, and part of the amazing thing about being a human is the ability to learn and apply the information we learn. You will probably find out cool new things along the way and meet some awesome new people.

    • Not Investing The Time & Effort Into It

    This is not going to be something that happens overnight and you need to understand each stage of it and how it affects you or requires something from you. Chances are there will be slightly more to the actual shipping of your car than you think, so invest the time properly to make sure you don’t incur any added costs or unwanted stress. No one wants to live a stressful life and being organized and methodical can actually alleviate a lot of useless anxiety.

    • Getting Your Own Car Details Wrong

    This is a really important one as it will probably dictate a few key things such as the price of shipping your car and potentially how long it will take to get there, so ask yourself some important questions. What make or model is your car? What are the key attributes of your car such as its weight and age?

    You probably have enough experience in researching and finding out things on activities or chores that you’ve never done before, so applying that same instinct and intuition to shipping your car will really pay dividends down the line and give you some real peace of mind. Once you are equipped with the right information, you can then get relevant quotes and get this whole thing started properly.

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