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6 Most Common Tools Found in Every Car Diagnostic Workshops

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A car diagnostic workshop is a place where a car can be brought to be accessed and to also be repaired if the car is found to be faulty. 

For effective diagnostics to be carried out, the auto mechanic must make use of tools that are commonly found in a car diagnostic workshop. These tools include:

  1. Spanner 

Spanners are one of the smallest tools you would ever find in a car diagnostic workshop however,  they are also one of the most common tools you would ever find there, present in various shapes and sizes. The reason for their ubiquity in every auto mechanic workshop is because of their intrinsic value which is tied to their functionality. Spanners are basically used for the loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts. 


This function is essential to the auto mechanic because a lot of car parts are held together by bolts and nuts so if you want to open or close a component of the car, you need to use the spanner. 

2. Car Jack

The car jack is also another example of a tool that is commonly found in a car workshop. Just like spanners, car jacks are also found and used so often because of how valuable they are to the mechanic’s operation by virtue of their function.

Car jacks are used to elevate the base of the car. This is important because to run a complete diagnostic test or repair on the car, the mechanic needs to be able to assess the base of the car and he cannot do this without the use of the car jack.

3. Headlights

Headlights are a necessity in every car diagnostic workshop. This is because the function of the headlight is to improve visibility for the mechanic when he is working on a car. It is most beneficial because as it is on the head of the mechanic, it is directly pointed at wherever the mechanic faces. This ensures maximum and timely visibility wherever the mechanic is focused on, enabling him to accurately assess and also work on the area of the car that needs attention without fear of impediment.

4. Scan Tool

A scan tool is a very common tool found in almost all car diagnostic workshops. Unlike those listed above, this diagnostic tool is software with the ability to scan your car via an interface and sort through the data obtained to perform an assessment of your car against a defined knowledge base. This knowledge base is encoded in the software and contains various ranges of certain variables and values and criteria to decide whether the findings are normal or abnormal. 

Some scan tools also come with suggested protocols to engage in light of the data gotten. This is a very valuable tool in car diagnostics hence its ubiquitous nature.

5. 12V Test Light

This is a very simple but important tool that is commonly found in car diagnostic workshops. It consists of a bulb, lamp holder and two wires. It is used to check if electricity is being supplied to a particular component of the car. This is done to determine whether an electrical fault in the car is from a fault in the electrical supply or from a fault in a particular device. 


It works by connecting the wires to the car’s electrical system in that component. If the bulb begins to glow then it is an indication that the electrical connection is working fine. This simple test is a very vital diagnostics which is why it is a common tool.

6. Pliers

Pliers are a very simple but highly effective tool used in a car diagnostic workshop. Pliers come in different sizes but their function remains the same and that is to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts and also cut and strip wires. This means that without a set of pliers it would be almost impossible to open car compartments or expose wires in the car, thus making car diagnostics virtually impossible and proving that pliers are highly essential in a car diagnostic workshop. 

It is impossible for a car to perpetually be in perfect working condition without regular checkups being done on it at a standard car diagnostic workshop. With the aid of some simple tools such as the one listed above, the diagnostics done on the car can be used to determine if the car is in perfect shape and the steps to be taken if it is not.

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