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6 Things To Do When You Get In A Drunk Driving Accident

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Unfortunately, the number of people who succumb to their injuries after being involved in a drunk driving accident is staggering high. The same goes for people who suffer injuries after it. Quite a large number of people do not know how to handle the situation afterward and whether they should seek legal help or not.

By law, every individual is entitled to compensation after personal injuries, especially if the injury is the result of someone else’s negligence. With this said, Car Title Loans California hopes you’ll take these 6 steps as a guideline. 

Calmness is the key 

Staying calm and collected is the first and most critical step. Try to ascertain whether anyone has been severely injured. Take a deep breath and attempt not to think about the consequences and who is to blame; instead, focus on yourself and your loved ones.

People tend to be more emotional after such accidents and sometimes cause further problems by making a scene and getting into additional quarrels with the other party. If the automobile is still operating, switch off the engine to prevent further damage and try to relax. 

Try to stay on the calm side, and make sure to check whether there are any potential leaks of patrol. If so, the site is a hazard and you and your loved ones should immediately leave the scene and call an ambulance or the police. Also, check on the other party and whether they have sustained any serious injuries. By law, you are obliged to provide help if the person has been injured. 

1. Do not leave the scene 

You should remain on the scene until the medical team and police have arrived, as immediate medical help is needed to make sure you are alright. Sometimes people in a state of shock flee the scene even though they have been on the side that suffered damage. Do not make this mistake. The medical and police reports are crucial evidence in building later on a case for seeking compensation. Unfortunately, people tend to make irrational decisions due to the spike in adrenaline and blood pressure. Do not try to give yourself medical assistance if you are not an expert, as you can only make it harder for emergency physicians. Try to wait unless the injuries are not serious or there is a real chance of bleeding out. After the medical team has arrived, make sure to share details regarding the type of pain you feel, numbness, and whether you have had a history of chronic diseases or not. 

2. Your lawyer is your most trusted advisor 

Many times, seeking legal assistance is necessary for your case to be resolved in your best interest. If you happen to be involved in a drunk driving accident, know that your lawyer is your most trusted advisor and the person you can and should share all the details with. Your lawyer should know everything regarding the accident before sharing it with anyone else, except the police and medical staff. This can help him or her build a more convincing case and help you get the proper compensation for the physical and emotional pain you have suffered. 

3. You can move your car if needed 

This only applies if there have been no serious injuries sustained by both parties and the accident has been merely a small crash. In that case, the vehicle can be moved away (although you should get acquitted with the state law regarding these matters, just in case) so as not to disturb other passengers going by. Before doing so, make sure to take pictures and video footage of the accident later on, as it might come in handy once you contact your lawyer and claim compensation. 

4. Try to share contact information with any potential witness or the other party  

This can be really helpful if the person happens to be in a conscious state and is able to share the necessary details. You can negotiate any terms, and later on, talk about compensation and other means of repayment. You’ll also want to have all the evidence you need while defending yourself in court as a victim of such accidents. Therefore, obtaining addresses, phone numbers, and witness reports is crucial in the process, as there is always a chance of some witnesses stating details you might have forgotten. 

5. You are innocent until proven otherwise 

Never succumb to the very emotional state of the whole ordeal after the accident, as you are innocent until proven guilty. Admitting anything on the scene can only have dire consequences for you and anyone involved in the accident. Therefore, calm down and wait until you speak with your lawyer. 

6. Seek therapy and professional help if needed 

The trauma from being involved in such an accident can have long-lasting effects on your overall well-being and mental health. Therefore, we recommend seeking professional help and talking to a therapist as your mental well-being is a top priority. 

Follow these useful tips and make sure to be prepared for what is to come, like court hearings and going back and forth with insurance companies regarding compensation. However, the law is on your side and there is nothing that can change it. Therefore, remain persistent and determined in obtaining your rights. 


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