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    6 Tips That Will Help You Ship Products Faster And Cheaper

    By sbanderas | June 20 2022

    Are you looking for ways to ship faster and cheaper? Here are some tips that will help you do that!

    Improve your service 

    Thriving businesses always look for ways to enhance their service and business in various ways. This is also achieved by collaborating with partners who may make things easier for you and allow you to improve your service. In terms of shipping services, for example, tracking trailers provide complete asset management solutions for companies looking to increase profits through the automation of workflow and human operations using smart data and gadgets. They provide customers in the oil and gas, transportation and logistics, and industrial industries with quickly deployable solutions. To that end, with a professional touch, both you and your customers will gain benefits.

    Shorten the distance of the shipment

    Over time, you may save a ton of money by finding shorter routes to reach a certain zone. In that sense, the more you shorten the distance, the more you will earn. This is because there will be less fuel spent, and you will save more money. On top of that, the product will reach the customer faster and make them happier with the order!

    Reduce the size of your packages

    When determining delivery prices, carriers also take the package’s dimensions into account.

    You will overpay if you choose an excessively large box for a lightweight item because of the extra room the package requires. This is because larger boxes may result in more dimensional weight, which will raise the cost of delivery. To prevent this, make sure you weigh the product beforehand and pack it in a package that fits it completely. By doing this, you can effectively lower the cost of shipping!

    Cut unnecessary expenses

    Postal services often charge for packaging materials. In order to cut expenses, you can buy these materials yourself. For example, you may also buy packaging materials like boxes, dunnage, bubble wrap, and poly mailers in bulk and then pack the products yourself. This way, not only will you be spared paying for packing materials, but for the very packing itself! You can calculate the amount of money saved by multiplying the packing and packing material costs with each product you send on a yearly basis. You will see that you can save a lot! 

    Also, cutting unnecessary services, such as shipping insurance, is one approach to reducing shipping prices. This depends on the value of the item you’re delivering. Insuring packages is typically less expensive than using your shipping carrier if you do require shipping insurance for your purchases—in some situations, the cost is practically halved. Naturally, high-value items are where this applies the most. However, be careful and do this only in cases where the possible consequences are minimal. 

    Get shipping discounts

    Owners of e-commerce businesses should look for ways to reduce shipping costs, provided that doing so does not compromise the shipping options or increase delivery time. One of the ways you can get a discount is by the volume of shipping on a monthly basis. Naturally, you may receive better prices the more parcels you mail. However, you don’t have to ship hundreds or thousands of items each month to qualify for pricing discounts offered by shipping carriers.

    Encourage larger purchases

    In general, you may save more on shipping if you can fit more things in a single box. To that end, look at your typical order amount when determining your minimum, and set it a little higher than that. Over time, this should increase your average order amount overall. Try doing a customer appreciation campaign with improved shipping at your new minimum to see how well it goes.

    Selling in large quantities is one of the best ways to cut expenses. In order to do so, make sure you encourage your customers to buy more. For example, you may give discounts and other benefits. Also, offering free delivery once a particular minimum of, say, $100 is reached is a typical strategy to attract greater order volumes. To determine the minimum order price, consider the size of your typical order and set it a little higher than that.

    This way, your customers will be more eager to buy in larger quantities, and both of you can benefit from it! Also, shipping will be less expensive, and more products can be packed in one package. This is a fantastic approach to striking a balance between cheap e-commerce shipping and quick shipment times.

    If you take into account all the benefits you can gain from cheaper and faster shipping, you may come up with a large amount of money saved on a monthly or yearly basis. In that sense, make sure you work on improving your service and earn more money in turn! On top of that, your customers will be happier as well. Good luck!