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    Can You Still Get Compensation After A No-Fault Car Accident? Find Out Here

    By sbanderas | December 12 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog

    One of the worst incidents that can happen to anyone is getting involved in an accident. It is called an accident because it is often not planned for, happens by mistake, and cannot be undone once it happens. About 38,000 deaths every year are said to come from car accidents while a total of about 161,374 deaths are from unintentional injuries and accidents in the USA. It is expected that an average American will experience about 4 accidents in their lifetime.

    What is the Probability of compensation?

    In a no-fault accident, it is possible to get compensation in some states in the USA. In some of these states where you can get compensation, no-fault insurance is required while in some of them it is optional. Examples of states where no-fault accident includes Oregon, North Dakota and Minnesota while the example of states where a no-fault accident is optional include Texas and Virginia. You should check with an attorney in your state to know how you can qualify for a no-fault accident so that should you need it at any point in time, you can benefit.

    Meaning of a no-fault accident

    When an accident happens, it is mostly a result of the mistake of at least one of the drivers. There are several causes of accidents. It could be due to the actions of one or both drivers. The actions can range from drunk driving to sleeping while driving. However, there are other instances where no one is adjudged to be at fault. When there is a fault, a ticket is given to the offender by the police. However, when there is a no-fault accident, it means no driver is found to be responsible for the accident, and hence, no ticket is given by the police. When a no-fault accident happens, you will want to ask yourself,”can you sue for damages in a no fault state?”, and the only way to get an accurate answer is by consulting with a seasoned lawyer that specializes in these kinds of cases. Some of the examples of reasons for no-fault accidents include uncontrollable events and sudden obstruction of traffic.

    What does this compensation cover?

    Depending on the insurance company and the state you reside in, no-fault compensation covers damages to your vehicle and minor injuries. In some cases, you can also request economical losses from the accidents such as wages. Both drivers will have to request compensation from their auto insurance company. Each driver can get compensation of up to 10,000 USD. If you are confused or to avoid mistakes, it might be best to talk to an attorney who can guide you about what claims you can make, where to make the claims and how to make them.

    In conclusion, despite how much we strive to run away from accidents, they can happen due to unavoidable events that were not our fault. In some cases, it might not be the fault of the other driver either. Hence, with nobody to hold responsible, both drivers can approach their insurance company where applicable and request compensation. If you are sure it is within the rules of the state to request a no-fault accident compensation and your insurance company refuses to pay your claim, you can get the services of an attorney or law company to pursue the case.

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