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    Car Lover? Here Are The Top 4 Vehicles Of 2021

    By sbanderas | July 16 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog

    There have been a ton of great cars released lately and it might be time to change your ride so to speak. With so many options available, we get how underestimating it can be to find a car that you’ll fall in love with from beginning to end. As such, it’s time you get help on which cars are truly worth your money this year.

    • Tesla Model 3

    It goes without saying now but electric cars are definitely the future. Leading the revolution is none other than Tesla with their Model 3 electric vehicle. In terms of quality of life features, eco-friendliness, and overall design, the Tesla 3 is arguably the best money can buy.

    As with previous Tesla cars, the Model 3 features high-tech amenities that cater to various needs. The Model 3 borrows a lot of exterior features from Tesla’s previous sedans but what makes it stand out is the glass roof. Other than that, the interior upgrades are definitely worth it.

    One of the key features of the Tesla Model 3 is its large multimedia touch screen upfront. Aside from being compatible with various apps, the hub is also an all-around entertainment system for music, movies, and yes, even video games. The only problem of course is that it can be hard to snag one of these.

    • Mazda2 G15 GT

    In terms of design and overall worth, the Mazda2 G15 GT is one of the best cars this 2021. The hatchback and sedan versions of the car are even currently on sale at Redlands Mazda so try not to miss out on these special offers. What makes this Mazda car better than the rest?

    The key exterior difference between this year’s Mazda2 G15 and previous models are minor tweaks around the grille, front bumper, and headlight. Most notably, the grille of the car has been widened to give this Mazda car a more unique and rustic look on the road.

    The insides of the Mazda2 G15 are where it truly shines. It comes with the standard equipment of Mazda’s GT series but now, it also includes other special amenities such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Moreover, it also has a 360-degree camera for advanced safety tech.

    Overall, the Mazda 2 G15 is made and designed to enhance the comfort and driver experience on your end. True enough, it’s more expensive than other sedans and hatchbacks but the price is definitely going to be worth the investment for this car.

    • Toyota Tacoma

    If you are looking for something more rustic, durable, and useful for many cases, then the Toyota Tacoma is the pickup for you. That is of course if you ignore the steep price point. There are cheaper off-road cars out there but in terms of utility and durability, the Tacoma can’t be beaten.

    Aside from the durability and reliability, there are other Tacoma attributes that you can’t miss out on. This year’s Tacoma features a TRD-branded exhaust system for better temp management. It also has a redesigned instrument panel that comes with an 8-inch multimedia display that comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa capabilities. 

    In terms of utility and comfort, Toyota really hit the mark with Tacoma this year. It managed to blend the traditional stylings of the off-road pickup and matched it with modern-day features that make driving a lot easier, safer, and more entertaining.

    • Kia K5

    The Kia K5 is an all-new midsize sedan model from Kia. Honestly, it’s one of the better-looking cars out there. At first glance, the K5 looks strikingly like a sports car and it’s hard to get over the fact that this is a sedan. That’s not all that the K5 has to offer though.

    This is Kia’s new midsize sedan and it replaces the Optima. It features a longer, wider, and lower build, plus a roomier interior as well. In terms of horsepower, the K5 is powered by turbocharged engines as well. It also comes with a 2.5-liter engine in the GT model for a max of 290 horsepower.

    The entire car is based on an all-new chassis so previous Kia owners will feel quite new to the car. It’s only a big plus that the car looks excellent.

    These are the top cars for 2021. As you can see, the similarities between the cars are that they are all models with a lot of features that accommodate the driver’s needs. From entertainment to safety, the top cars are those that are powered well by digital technology.