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How do title loans work?

Lenders issue car title loans for an amount of money over a short period of time. Borrowers obtain car title loans when they give the title of their vehicle, such as their car, truck, or motorcycle, to the lender as collateral.

The borrower generally agrees to pay a fee. Lenders usually give borrowers 36 months to repay the loan

When you arrive at the store or contact the lender online, you show the lender a few documents. These documents generally include an application, title of the vehicle, and a photo ID.

Many lenders will ask to see photographs of the vehicle or look it over in person. Some lenders require borrowers to provide them an extra set of keys or make them buy a roadside service plan. Next, if they accept the borrower’s application, lenders ask for the title of the vehicle. Once the borrower agrees and signs the agreement, they must repay the loan.

How Do Title Loans Work At Car Title Loan California

At car title loan California, the entire process takes as little as 30 minutes to complete. It’s really simple.

All you have to do is apply online or stop by at one of the many car title loan California locations available in your area.

From there, you just need to supply a lien-free car title and government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Our friendly employees assist you in every step of the way.

We will conduct a quick appraisal of your vehicle and determine the loan amount. Using this appraisal value, you could obtain the money you need while still being able to drive your car.

We will release the lien on your vehicle once you repay the loan.

Below is a summary of how car title loan works in California:

Bring your vehicle to a local  Car Title Loans California location

Drive your fully operating vehicle to a store location for inspection. See a full list of acceptable vehicles below.

We complete a vehicle inspection

Our team will complete an inspection of your vehicle to determine the value over the phone and then at our location we will do the physical inspection.

Finish your application and receive an instant lending decision

After we have processes your application, you will receive a lending decision, including a maximum car title loan amount if approved.

The amount that we offer will depend on a variety of factors, including the outcome of the vehicle inspection.

Sign your loan documents and drive away with title cash in hand

If approved, review and sign your loan documents, and receive cash on the spot via Money Gram. Plus, you get to keep your car!

Make payments until your  auto title  loan is paid in full

Make scheduled payments according to the determined timeline in your title  loan documents.

Once paid in full, the lien on your title will be released. With a Car Title  Loans California, you can always pay off your title loan early – no penalty fees.

We make the car title loan and car title pawn process easy at car title loans California.

Our customer service representatives work with you to ensure that you receive as much cash as possible.

Our approval process helps get you the money in your hands fast. We often conduct a credit check and give you plenty of time to repay your loan. You even get to drive your car! We offer interest rates competitive to anywhere else online. Give us a call at today