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How to apply for a title loan in California?

It is easy to get a car title loan in California, and all you need is your vehicle’s pink slip or California certificate of vehicle ownership as collateral to loan agencies. This type of car loan is preferred over other methods such as a car title pawn, wherein the lender will hold on to the vehicle while the loan is active.

A pink slip loan is different, as it lets the owner keep the car even while under the obligation of a loan.

A lot of people have taken advantage of the pink slip loan. Websites that specialize in pink slip loans in California will give you a fair assessment on the loan amount based on your car’s value or equity.

In California, you can get a car title loan or motorcycle title loan starting at $2,5 00 in as little as 30 minutes at your closest Car Title Loans California store.

To be approved for a car title loan or motorcycle title loan, all you need is a vehicle with a clear (or lien-free) title and valid government-issued ID.

We have great auto title loans in California because we are quick and simple; and an auto title loan is a smart option for your future.

Let Car Title Loans California help dig you out of your mounting bills and get you back to living the West Coast lifestyle with the car title loans and motorcycle title loans California people have been relying on for years.

To apply for car title loan in California, The first thing to do is find the vehicle’s VIN number.

If you have the current registration paperwork it should be on there.

You will need to find a request for duplicate title form. These are available from your local DMV office or their website.

This form needs to be filled out and notarized. If there is a lien against the car, like a car loan, you will need to have a representative of the bank sign the form as well. The form and the fee will then need to be filed at the DMV. The new title will be sent to you, but it can take up to 10 weeks to receive it.

The benefit of car title loans is that you can get the cash you want without having to actually give up access to or use of your vehicle.

All that we need is to take temporary possession of your car’s pink slip.

As long as you keep making loan payments, you can continue to drive your car whenever you want!
Remember that we have professional associates who can answer your questions and guide you through our California title loans process.

Our service is fast, and you can drive off from one of our locations with your cash and your vehicle!

We have the car title loans and motorcycle title loans California residents can count on when times get tough and cash is running out.

Contact us today and we will show you why we have the very best auto title loans in California and how we can help you!