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How to get an RV Title Loan in California

By sbanderas | February 19 2020

Having an RV can be fun. Beyond that, it can serve as a lifesaver in a time of emergency. How do you turn your RV into a cash spinner, in California? By applying for an RV title loan is simple. All you need is the title of the RV and other documents that will be required to ensure that every information you have provided is exactly what you said it is.

At Car Title Loans California, we offer you speedy cash on your title loan. The process is simple, and we have made every aspect of our service as customer-friendly as possible. Once you can provide the car title and other documents that are required of you, we give you a form to fill, and you’re on your way to making things easier and better for you, using your RV.

It gets better. While you have the loan to deal with your current situation, you can still make use of your RV the way you want. Our goal is to help you get the resources you need so you can deal with your current challenges

What You Need to Qualify for RV Title Loan

Getting an RV title loan starts from having all the requirements to get the loan. Most customers that come to Car Title Loans California usually have all the requirements and are ready to get on with the deal. Here are all the things you need to have before you can have an RV title loan.

  • Minimum Amount

According to the California state regulations, the minimum amount of money you can borrow for your RV title loan is $2,500. What this means is that you have to ensure that your RV is worth this amount before you make up your mind to venture into the realm of title loans. Most people who have RVs and have spent a considerable amount of money taking good care of it usually do qualify for an RV title loan. So, make sure your RV is in good shape and can easily scale through the vehicle assessment phase before you venture into title loans.

  • You Must Have the RV Title

RV title lending works with the lender using the title as collateral. This means that you must have your RVs title with you before you can apply for a successful RV title loan and get it. If you don’t have it with you, then, you should be able to get it. You won’t be able to get a loan if you have a salvage title. Your lender must ensure that the title has value and that it is valuable enough to protect them in case you’re unable to pay back your loan.

  • Documents

Apart from the RV title, you will have to submit certain additional documents to make sure that you’re fully certified to collect the loan. Below is a list of documents that are most essential for you to deliver.

  • A government-issued ID – To verify your identity
  • Proof of residence – So we know where you are
  • Proof of vehicle insurance – Just having liability insurance is insufficient
  • Proof of income – Or evidence that you’ll be able to repay
  • Four references – Just to confirm that you’re who you said you are. We won’t tell them anything about the loan
  • Picture of the vehicle


At Car Title Loans California we are always on the move to help people get the loan they want, using what they have. This is why we provide them with detailed information about all document issues, to make sure that they meet all the requirements.

When applying for cash for RV title, make sure that all your documents have the same name on it, as your car title. This is to avoid issues with trying to verify the authenticity and ensuring that everybody has an equal opportunity to dealing with emergencies using our resources.

You should also provide documents to prove that you’ll be able to pay back. The reason why we emphasize on this is that we are not interested in possessing your RV. We know how important the vehicle is to you and how much you’re connected to it emotionally. We require that you provide this evidence to show that you’ll be able to pay back your loan on time, get your RV title back, and live a happy and wonderful life afterward.

When you provide us with references, what we need them for is to confirm that you’re who you said you are. When we contact them, we will just ask them if they know you and nothing else. At Car Title Loans California, we take customer confidentiality crucial to us. We will never disclose your references that you’re borrowing money or anything related to that. Our processing is well structured and entirely discreet to protect your integrity and pride.

Why You Should Consider Getting Cash for Your RV

There are many reasons why people go for RV title loans. Emergencies can happen at any time, and that may require money. Going to banks is a bad idea because they are just going to waste your time and bury you in paperwork, thereby compounding your problems. If you have an RV that is in good condition and you have the title with you, why not get cash with it?

Choosing the Right RV Title Loan Company

Many title loan companies in California offer fifth wheel title loans for customers. Before you go on dealing with anyone, you need to know certain things. You see, not all title loan companies are genuine. If you fall into the wrong hands, you might be spending more than you bargained for. Here are some of the characteristics of best car title loan companies you should consult for your RV title loan in California.

Deep Understanding of RV Title Loans – There are different types of loans under the auto title loans, based on the kind of vehicle the customer has. There are car title loans, truck title loans, motorcycle title loans, etc. Before you start working with any title loan company, make sure they have expertise in RV title loans. This is important because if they aren’t then, you’ll be working with people who don’t understand your specific needs. At Car Title Loans California, we have experts with decades of experience dealing with RV title loan issues and helping customers get the best deals of their lives.

Excellent Customer Service – You should never sign up with an RV title loans California company that doesn’t care about their customers. No matter how enticing their loan agreements are, they will be of no good to you if you can’t contact them anytime you have a challenge. At Car Title Loans California we have our experts available 24/7 for all of our customers. You can call them anytime you want for all types of issues, and they will be ready to help you deal with them all.

Good Interest RateInterest rates differ by company. Some are high, and some are moderate. You should be careful about those companies that offer interest rates just too low to be true, to avoid dealing with hidden fees in the long run. Look for companies with a moderate RV title loan interest rate that you know you’re comfortable with and you’ll be able to pay back.

RV Title Loan Repayment Tips

After getting your RV title loan, you need to start the process of paying back. Your RV title with your lender as collateral, and before you can get it back, you need to pay back your loan plus interest. Here are some tips to help you in that regard.

  1. Increase Your Income – Getting an extra source of income will not only help you pay off your loan faster, but you get to discover new things as well. There are so many things to venture into, including freelancing, affiliate marketing, tutoring, and so on.
  2. Have A Budget – Having a budget on how you’ll spend your money from the moment you get the loan will help you a lot. Eliminate all the unnecessary items and focus on the essential things. Saving money means that you’ll have more cash to pay for your loan and put yourself on the right track.
  3. Pay Ahead of Time – Paying your RV title loan ahead of time will make it easier for you to deal with it. You won’t have to struggle as the time comes nearer, and you have so much time on your hand. You also have time to plan for the next payment, and then the next, and so on.
  4. Discounts and Coupons – This is the time to take discounts and refinancing seriously for all your purchases. The idea here is to reduce your expenditure, of which you will add the gains to your RV title loan repayment.


An RV title loan in California is easy if you meet the right company that has the customers at heart. If you find yourself in any emergencies, be it medical issues, college payment, or mortgage, you can always contact us for help. At Car Title Loans California, we have experts who are ready to listen to you and help you get the best deal for your RV title loan