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    Helpful Towing Tips No One Told You About

    By sbanderas | May 11 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog

    Towing a car or a trailer may seem like a very simple thing to do for the onlooker. However, there are lots of complex details involved in the process that only a professional would know. People need towing services for various reasons, from moving their trailers from one place to another to making space for legal property parking or even taking faulty cars to mechanics when they break down. If you need to get a towing service or are thinking of towing a vehicle yourself, here are some helpful tips that you may have never known before. 

    Do the Weight Math

    When it comes to towing anything, whether it is a trailer, a car, or even a small boat, you need to make sure you have done some weight calculations in advance to see if the tow truck you are planning on using can actually get the job done properly. If you are hiring professionals to do the towing, then you may need to provide them with the weight information of the thing you want to tow before they arrive so that they can bring you the appropriate truck. However, if you will be doing the towing yourself, make sure you do the calculations beforehand to see what the truck can handle and if you will need to even out the weight somehow so that you can get the process of towing done smoothly. 

    Follow the Rules

    One of the main things you will need to keep in mind when it comes to towing a vehicle is that following traffic rules is important, and we often forget this. Luckily, there are professional options to choose from. Say you’re in Texas and you want to tow your car. Finding the right Texas city towing company can make your life much easier. If, though, you’re doing this on your own, remember that you will need to make sure you are driving at the appropriate speed limit and keeping a safe distance for breaks and backing up whenever you need to in the safest way possible. Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules in your city or state, so you know what is expected of you on the road. 

    Check All the Parts

    Before you start your towing process, you need to make sure you do a quick check on all the necessary parts needed to get the job done without any trouble. For starters, you need to make sure you have assembled all the needed parts in one place so that you can count them and ensure you have everything you need without forgetting anything. Once you count all the towing parts, make sure you fix them in the places one by one and double-check that they are all secured in their right places after fitting them so that the towing process can go smoothly. 

    Upgrade Tires and Transmission

    Towing any vehicle, no matter how big or small can be a big load on any towing truck. That is why if you will be doing the towing yourself, you need to make sure you have upgraded your car’s tires and transmission in a way that allows them to take that extra load and move the vehicle you need to move without any issues. Make sure the tires are pumped with enough air and that your transmission is in good condition so that the towing process can go smoothly even if it is for a long distance. 

    Use Walkie Talkies

    Whether you are hiring a towing service or doing the towing yourself, a helpful tip is to use walkie-talkies during the trip, with people sitting in each vehicle to ensure the process is running smoothly. This way, the driver of the tow truck can connect with the person sitting in the vehicle being towed to ensure safety while on the road, especially during long-distance trips. This can be a good idea for those whose cars break down and need to get to the nearest mechanic. It also helps both drivers maneuver safely on the road no matter how busy it may be. 

    Towing a vehicle is not a complicated process. However, it is one that needs practical thinking and a great deal of attention to detail. If you are planning on hiring a towing service, then you need to make sure you do some research, so you’re sure you’re choosing the most experienced professionals out there. If you will be doing the towing yourself, then make sure you have a stable truck with sturdy tires, and remember to do some weight calculations before you go on any towing trips. And, of course, follow the rules!