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    Here’s Why Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident is Important

    By sbanderas | December 8 2021
    Categories: Blog,  car accidents,  financial tips

    Considering how common car accidents can be, being careful on the road is absolutely vital. That being said though, sometimes, being careful isn’t enough to keep you safe. Indeed, a large number of car accidents take place due to a negligent second party. No matter whether we’re talking about DUI or simple carelessness, lives are at stake. Even if we exclude those worst cases, driving accidents can still occur. 

    So, how should one act if they happen to be in a car accident? No matter whether you are at fault or not, having legal guidance is invaluable in such scenarios. The problem is, many people aren’t fully aware of the benefits that hiring a lawyer offers. Ultimately, this leads to choosing not to consult with a lawyer. Going through the entire process is hard enough, but going through it alone is even harder. In order to help you make as informed a decision as possible when it comes to hiring a lawyer, we’ve created this article.

    Here, you will find everything that you need to know about why hiring a lawyer after a car accident is important. From handling insurance companies to relieving anxiety – let’s dig right in.

    Talking to the insurance company is easier with a lawyer

    Considering how easy it is to apply to an insurance company, one would expect that claiming compensation isn’t all that difficult. Well, that simply isn’t true, and the probability is high that proper compensation will require some level of negotiation. Tad Thomas, one of the Chicago car accident attorneys from Thomas Law Offices explains that the most common issues with insurance companies. First, the top reason for a denied claim lies in a poorly constructed claim, which quality depends on your knowledge in the field, but experience as well. Secondly, understanding your rights is something that is rarely at a level where you can even notice that you’re being under-compensated. 

    All these problems are something that can be avoided by hiring a good, experienced lawyer. Now, in order to help you understand the before mentioned problems and their solutions better – let’s talk about them in more detail.

    Understanding damages included for your compensation

    One of the most common scenarios in an aftermath of a car accident is when people settle for less than they should. In most cases, this is due to the fact that they don’t know the extent of their rights and the damage done. If you have an attorney by your side, everything changes, as you get to avoid these issues. 

    The way in which your lawyer helps is by pointing out anything and everything that you might’ve missed. When evaluating the damage done, you shouldn’t only include the damage to your car. Additionally, focusing on various aspects boosts the probability of getting properly compensated exponentially. This means mental health, but also the money you lost due to missing work, or even getting fired since you didn’t have a car. 

    They can help you prove the damage that’s been done

    Even if you do understand the damage done, as previously mentioned, constructing a claim can be very tricky. For the most part, proving the damage that’s been done is the real problem. Hearsay has little to do with insurance companies, and hence – you need solid proof. Gathering the right documentation and constructing a clear timeline is the foundation of proving damage, and this is where your attorney can help. 

    Your lawyer can present the evidence in such a way that the damage done is indisputable. This is built not only with supporting documentation but with many additional resources. So, medical personnel, witnesses, additional reports, and similar.

    Negotiation is the key to a proper settlement

    Even if you have a perfect claim, everything is backed by evidence and you have all you need to prove the damage done, you still can’t be sure that everything will go down according to plan. In fact, the probability is high that some level of negotiation is going to be necessary for you to claim your rights. In situations like these, working knowledge is one thing, but experience in similar cases is what you need. This is exactly what you can expect from your attorney when they are representing you in this case.

    An experienced lawyer knows the law inside and out, and they will be able to negotiate with your insurance company with ease. Having such representation is a great bonus when it comes to getting properly compensated. 

    Want to file a case? 

    In case you feel like you haven’t been compensated properly, there is an option to file a case. The problem with this lies in the fact that such procedures are rather complicated. And in order to build a good cause, you need more than a working knowledge of the field. This is due to the fact that when any sort of case is in question, legal representation is almost imperative.

    And when it comes to car accident claims – there’s no difference whatsoever. This is exactly why hiring a lawyer should be on your agenda if you want to file a case. In the end, any administrative process is easier when you know exactly what you need to do. Your lawyer will additionally help you build your case and help you find anything that you require.

    Stress reduction

    Last but definitely not least, not to mention the stress that a car accident induces would be simply wrong. These events can have a long-lasting effect on our well-being, and how you deal with the situation initially plays a big role as well. That being said, one can never downplay the stress of being in a car accident, but you can lower its impact by doing certain things. Seeking therapy, even if you feel like you can push through, is of utmost importance.

    Now, the other part – hiring a lawyer absolutely does lower the impact of mental strain. Having an experienced attorney as the driving force behind your case gives you space to rest and recover. At times like these, nothing is more important than being able to regain your strength and recover.

    In the end, it’s entirely up to you whether you will opt for hiring a lawyer or not. Truth be told – there’s no formula that can possibly guarantee 100% success regarding how things are going to turn out. Having that in mind, there are some things that can boost your chances immensely. The trick is, a good lawyer knows all of them, and that’s a shortcut to a fast, efficient resolve.

    Everyone deserves to be compensated for the damage that has been done, and the best way to do so is to hire an attorney. The same goes for those that are falsely accused of negligence. These battles are one of those that simply shouldn’t be fought alone.

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