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    How To Avoid Having To Spend Countless Hours At The DMV

    By sbanderas | December 8 2021
    Categories: Blog

    Nobody wants to spend time in a crowded public office such as The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).But what about if you have an unavoidable business that requires intervention from the DMV such as renewing your motor license, selling a car, or registering your truck fleet. The good news is that along with COVID-19, evolved many new services and procedures relating to DMV visits, that have made it much easier for you to either avoid having to go in-person, or to find a faster way of doing it. 

    Here are some tips for you on how to avoid spending countless hours in a place nobody wants to spend any time at all. Remember, as always, if you do have to visit, to protect yourself by sanitizing and wearing a mask. This is especially important if your state is experiencing a peak in the virus.

    What is the DMV and Why Do You Need To Go There?

    The DMV is the department for all things related to motor vehicles. It is for private individuals, dealers and companies. It’s the place you have to do most of the legal-orientated things regarding owning and driving motor vehicles, such as registering your vehicle, getting a REAL ID, and occupational licensing. Renewals happen every few years and this means regular visits were once mandatory. It is also the place you need to go if you want to take your driver’s license test.

     This makes it a heavily trafficked (pardon the pun) public office, and thus a particular risk for contamination. Hence the new ways of accessing the DMV have allowed consumers to avoid the risks and hopefully these faster, more efficient strategies are here to stay.

    Paid Assistance

    Depending on which state you are in, there are an array of services that exist to serve you for all things DMV. Nowadays, there is an easy way that you can pay a company to pay any DMV-related services for you. For example, if you are in California you can head over to who will confidently and quickly handle all your DMV needs. Taking the headache out of the whole procedure, as well as allowing you to tick off an item on your pressing to-do list. This is a great option as these companies have years of experience in dealing with the DMV and thus, the chances of hiccups are greatly reduced.

    Online Services

    Another recent addition since the pandemic was the introduction of more online services to the DMV’s website. This way, you can now access certain DMV processes in the comfort of your own home. Your risk and frustration levels will be much reduced. The only downside is that this feature is not available for all DMV services.

    Check The Requirements For Your State

    It is a good idea to read up on the latest DMV updates for your particular state to see what their current protocol is. For instance, some states have extended deadlines. If this applies to you, you will possibly be able to wait for a point in time where the virus is less severe, and you can rather make your DMV visit when the crowds and queues are reduced, and you feel safer and less at risk. This is state-to-state dependent, and not a way to avoid paying and registering. Rather a relaxation on your current deadline. A much-appreciated courtesy!

    Avoid Going At Peak Hours

    If you have checked the available services in your area, or the nature of your query is such that you cannot avoid going to the DMV in person, there are still some ways you can reduce your time spent in the offices. Pick your chosen visiting hours wisely. Going to the DMV in the mid-to-late afternoon is advisable, as it is the time that most people are at work, so you should hopefully find shorter and faster queues. Try to plan that you are not feeling too exhausted by this point in your day, as that afternoon slump at the DMV is unlikely to be enjoyable. When in doubt, take your favorite book to read while you wait.

    Mid Month

    Did you know most people flock to the DMV towards the start or end of the month? It is for this reason that we suggest timing your unavoidable DMV visit in the middle of the month, and here you should hopefully be able to beat the crowds.

    Visiting the DMV is a chore that most people try to avoid at all costs. The global pandemic has meant that there are more ways to access faster, more efficient, and sometimes even virtual help. It is also wise to look at your time of the day and month if you have to pay a visit and try to choose when you anticipate the least crowds.

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