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    How to Collect the Right Info and Protect Yourself After a Car Accident In Las Vegas

    By sbanderas | February 25 2021

    A car accident can be one of the most frightening experiences of our lives. It can result in damage to our loved ones, ourselves, and our vehicles—not to mention public or private property. After a crash, your adrenaline is running high; your emotions are all over the place—you’re relieved it wasn’t’ worse, you’re shaken up, you might be in pain, you’re confused as to how it happened. Despite these emotions, you’re expected to handle things calmly and collect the right information. The following will explore some of the things you need to gather together after being in a car accident.

    Of course, every accident is slightly different, meaning you might need additional information not included on this list. For the most up-to-date list that reflects your particular accident in the specific context within which it occurred, reach out to a legal professional.

    Address Medical Needs

    Before you dive into any other information, make sure that anyone who needs medical attention is seen as soon as possible. This might mean calling an ambulance for passengers in your vehicle or another car involved. This might mean performing basic first aid. Don’t assume just because everyone “feels fine” that they are. Medical conditions like shock can limit our sensations of pain even if we are severely injured. Encourage everyone to move slowly and make sure they are alright.

    If you or any of your passengers end up going to the hospital, ensure that medical records are requested—you might need this information if the accident causes a legal proceeding. You’ll also want to hold on to the bills regarding any medical treatment received and any expenses related to medical treatment like a meal while at the hospital or the gas money to get to the hospital.

    Ensure that you and your passengers follow all the instructions laid out by a medical professional precisely. If your accident requires legal intervention, you’re going to want to be able to prove that you’re doing everything you possibly can to recover fully.

    The Scene Of The Incident

    Most of us know enough to make sure hurt people get help. But after that, we can be left scratching our heads, wondering what to do after a car accident in Las Vegas and who to talk to. Nevada is a fault state, meaning a claim for compensation will be filed against the insurer or the at-fault party.

    Take photos and videos of the scene of the accident. Be sure to get both wide shots that show the entire scene and close-ups of anything that was damaged or involved in the crash. You’re also going to want to get the driver’s license and insurance policy information of any other parties involved in the accident. Even if the police are on the scene immediately, you might want to gather this information yourself, so you have a copy. While you’re at it, ensure that you keep conflict out of the discussion. Yes, you’re hurt and shocked and angry, but venting with the other party is something that could end up getting you in trouble later down the line if the accident results in a legal proceeding. Anything you say they might be able to use against you.

    The Police Report

    Speaking of the police, you’re going to want to get a copy of the police report. You are within your legal rights to be given access to this information. Depending on where you live, this might cost you a little bit of money, $10 in Las Vegas, for example. You’ll need to be able to provide your email and phone number and the exact time and date of the crash, according to the police. You’ll also need to have some form of government-issued ID when picking up the report at the station.

    Reach Out To An Attorney

    Before you interact with an insurance company, it’s in your best interest to seek out a lawyer who can make all your options clear to you. When selecting an attorney, you want to find someone who specializes in the particular type of law you’re dealing with—in this case, that means car accidents. You’re also looking for someone who practices within the state that the accident occurred as the law varies from state to state. Ideally, you want someone as local as possible because they may know the local judges and insurance teams and, therefore, what needs to be done to put your best foot forward. 

    The above tips should help you work through this chaotic time. Ensure that you’re also seeking out adequate emotional support after an accident, as emotional ramifications are not uncommon.