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    Injured In A Truck Accident? Here Are 6 Critical Steps You Should Take Immediately

    By sbanderas | May 20 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog,  car accidents

    Truck accidents can be very serious and cause multiple injuries. There are often more than one car or vehicle involved in this type of accident and that might lead to serious losses or even deaths. If you happen to be involved in a truck accident, there are certain steps that you need to take right away. We will list them for you below because we believe everyone should be prepared for the worst but hope it never comes.

    1. Make Sure Everyone With You is Okay 

    The first thing you have to do is make sure people in your vehicle whether they are family members or friends are okay. The surprise of such accidents can be very stressful even if no one is seriously hurt. Comforting those around you would be a great thing to do especially if there are children involved. Making sure children are safe and calm will reflect on your mental state as well and give you the clarity you need to think and act without pressure and make sure you follow the rest of the tips.

    2. Call the Police

    Call the police as soon as you comfort people around you and especially if there are injuries. The police will ask you some quick questions to assess the situation and send all the necessary help as soon as possible. This call is important even if there are no serious injuries; it will help your legal position as it will be a form of documentation you will definitely need. You should keep a list of the emergency numbers on your phone for future reference. Consider teaching your children how to reach such numbers from your phone. We tend to secure our phones so that children do not mess things up for us but in times of need it is for our benefit and theirs if they know how to reach and contact authorities and ask for help.

    3. Take Pictures 

    Taking pictures of how your car looked after the accident might be really helpful in case you decide to pursue your legal rights. Taking pictures in a car or truck accident is not easy but there are some tips you can follow to make things easier. However, we advise you not to be tempted and post anything about this accident, not even the pictures, on social media. It is better not to get involved in such actions or anything you post might be used against you in court and harm your legal position.

    4. Hire Professional Truck Attorney Firm 

    Truck accidents are handled by professional firms as they are different from other accidents. There are many parties involved in a truck accident and the truck driver is not the only one to be blamed or questioned. This makes truck accidents even more complicated, which is why specialists like at are the people you should go to when and if you are involved in that kind of accident. Without professionals, you will probably end up losing your fight or settling when you could have won. A legal firm that has been handling this type of accident for years is your way of winning and teaching reckless drivers a valuable lesson thus protecting the lives of many.

    5. Collect Witnesses’ Contact Information

    If you find yourself in a good health position, it would be advantageous to collect the information of all witnesses as this will be very helpful when you proceed with your legal actions. You can hand all this information later to your legal representation or even file a collective suit. Having witnesses will strengthen your case in front of the court.

    6. Store All Medical Documents 

    If you need to go to the hospital make sure you keep all the documents. Losing these documents will weaken your position though there are many ways to store all important documents both online and offline in case you need them and even after you use them. Save the medical notes with the bills and also the pictures you should have taken earlier to be fully prepared for any legal considerations.

    It is in almost all situations to be better prepared than sorry. In the time of an emergency, there is not enough time to take proper and calculated actions so knowing what to do beforehand will make things easier. Make sure you read the above steps more than once if you regularly use highways and you consider yourself at risk or even communicate what you just learned with anyone you know who might be in that position. Above all, make sure you drive safely and don’t use your mobile while driving as you don’t want to harm yourself or others.