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    Legal Advice To Follow Before Buying A Car To Avoid Fraud

    By sbanderas | November 2 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog,  car accidents

    Buying a car is probably one of the largest purchases that you will make in your life. When it comes to avoiding fraud, there are many things that you need to be aware of before buying a car. In this article, you will learn how to be more careful to avoid fraud when buying a car. 

    Look Over The Documents Before You Sign

    You can never be too careful when signing documents and agreements. The attorneys over at The Frankowski Firm would suggest you look over what you’re signing when you’re buying a car. That way, you’ll know that you’re avoiding fraud when purchasing a car.

    You should always read documents thoroughly before signing, which is the best way to ensure that nothing gets missed and nothing misleading happens with your signature or initials are given on any document. If there are terms in an agreement that do not make sense to you, then seek clarification from the person who gave it to you before you sign.

    Check The VIN Number 

    You must check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on any car you buy. The VIN is a 17-digit number that identifies the vehicle and all of its parts. It’s like an identification card for your car, so don’t purchase it if the dealer cannot provide this number! This also applies to motorcycles and boats with outboard motors too. Make sure they know where to find it before purchasing.

    It will give you information about the vehicle such as where it was produced, the year of production, and its model. It will also state whether or not you can trust that car with your family’s safety. 

    If the VIN is scratched off or removed, this means someone has tampered with the vehicle! This could mean they changed parts without permission from a dealership before selling it to you which could lead to serious injuries in an accident due to faulty parts. 

    Research The Car’s History 

    You always have to research the car’s history before buying it, avoiding fraud. You can learn a lot of information about the car by doing this; you will know what has been done to it and who had their hands on it. It is important that you’re familiar with how to do research like this yourself because if not then hire someone else to help you avoid fraud when buying a car.

    You should also check for any liens against your potential purchase since these would show up in its background report and could be another sign of trouble ahead (avoiding fraud). Basically, there are many things involved in researching cars and one needs expertise-related knowledge and awareness pertaining to specifics such as avoiding fraud while purchasing used cars from auto auctions or private sellers. 

    Get Your Mechanic To Inspect It Before Purchase

    Call your own mechanic to inspect the car before you purchase it. If your mechanic says that there are some problems, then this will give you a chance to either refuse to buy the vehicle or negotiate down its price so that you can have those repairs completed at another time.

    While avoiding fraud when buying a car is important, avoiding being taken advantage of by an auto dealer who has done nothing but lies about their used cars’ history is also very crucial in order for buyers to get what they want out of their next investment without any surprises along the way!

    Here’s what your mechanic should pay attention to:


    • Tires for dry rot and cracks in the sidewall indicate a history of major accidents 
    • ABS brake system warning light comes on while braking, which indicates that there should be an immediate inspection
    • Service engine soon light is on, indicating that there should be an immediate inspection of the emissions control systems 
    • Passenger airbag diagnostic trouble code indicates a problem with the passenger-side airbag and seat belts
    • The fuel pressure warning light is lit, indicating that there may be a problem with the fuel pump

    Ask For Proof Of Ownership 

    It’s crucial to ask for proof of ownership when buying a car. Fraud is common in the used-car industry, and you need to take action before signing any documents or handing over money to be sure that this person has a clear right to sell it.

    If somebody doesn’t have proper documentation for their vehicle, find out why and don’t proceed unless you’re comfortable with taking the risk. 

    If you’re buying from a private individual, ask to see their title and then check that it is genuine with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Make sure there are no outstanding debts on the car and if there’s money still owed on it, don’t buy it! Also, be careful about any lienholders listed on the documentation as these people also have claimed over this vehicle until they are paid off.

    Buying a car can be tricky, especially when getting it from a stranger. That’s why you should always look over the papers you sign and check the VIN number on the car. Research the car’s history and have your mechanic inspect it before you buy anything. Also, make sure the car is not stolen or in debt by asking for ownership papers. That way, you’ll be cruising in your four-wheeler without any worry!