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    The Most Important Documents You Should Accomplish For Your First Car

    By sbanderas | April 2 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog

    Getting your first car brings incredible excitement and opportunities! Whether it has been gifted for a milestone birthday, or you’re paying your car off over the next few years, or even if it has taken you many years to earn the cash to buy it upfront – Getting your first car is a dream come true for many! Here are the most important things your need to prepare after purchasing your first car. 

    Getting Your Licence


    The hours that it takes to attain your license will pay off, as once you have your driver’s permit, you will simply need to renew it through an easy online application. Your driver’s license, critically, should be kept with you at all times while driving, especially if you’re out-of-state. Keep in mind that when you’re driving in other states that police and traffic officials have the right to suspend your license if you violate any traffic laws, so always drive safely!

    Right, you’ve got your car and you’ve acquired your license! Now, what do you need to do? The first thing to note is that you cannot drive your car until you have auto coverage for the vehicle. 

    Ensure Your Car Urgently

    Before you can take your new car for a ride, you need to be covered by an appropriate insurance policy. If you live in Virginia and New Hampshire, car insurance is not legally required. However, in all other states, it is illegal to drive without valid car insurance.

    This license is usually necessary to cover you in case you have been at fault in an accident. Liability auto insurance entails personal injury protection, medpay, and uninsured/underinsured motorist (um/UIM) – even protecting you if you’re involved with a driver whose insurance will not cover the full accident costs. 


    • Which Insurance Do You Choose?

    Importantly, several states also offer the driver the option to purchase a surety bond instead of liability insurance. Therefore, if you do not want to be caught without insurance – but you want to pursue a surety bond – it is best to contact an insurance specialist to assist your case.

    Due to the driving and insurance legalities being different in each state, it is worth consulting an insurance company to assist with your situation. There are many reliable companies with whom you can begin your insurance process.  According to, expert eyes on your case will assure you are driving legally and that you have insurance support, in the unlikely instance there is a disagreement or discrepancy with authorities.

    Secure your insurance by comparing different packages from trustworthy insurers, after which you need to ensure your car is registered in-state as roadworthy. Permission from authorities that your vehicle is safe takes the form of proof of registration, a document that is critical for you to keep with you in the car at all times. 

    Proof Of Registration

    Accomplishing documents stating that your car is registered in the state you’re residing in is essential. You have two options: register on location at the dealership where the car is purchased (if this is applicable) or visit the department of motor vehicles. If you go to the DMV, you will be asked for the title of the vehicle you will have received from the seller, the bill of sale, proof of insurance, and your valid driver’s license.

    The sale and ownership documents you should not keep in your car. Keep this vital information safely at home to avoid document theft or accidental ruin. 

    Moving State?

    if you’re moving to a new area, take note. states do offer a grace period for you to finish your move and get your other paperwork in order before being legally liable for incomplete vehicle documentation. However, this period is usually less than 30 days, and if you are involved in a car accident before your new registration and insurance processing has taken place, your finances will be in trouble. Therefore, it is highly advised that you maintain your current auto insurance until you can transfer the registration and insurance.

    With more than 220 million drivers on American roads, states are constantly improving their verification systems. This means that you should not attempt to risk driving without your legally required documents. If you are driving a car that is registered in someone else’s name, for example, your parents, it might ease your uncertainty by carrying a signed letter of permission to drive. This is especially of concern if they live in a different state, even though many states have reciprocal agreements and maintain their vehicle tracking very well. 

    If you have your insurance, license, and registration documents in order, there is no reason that the local police should find an issue with your vehicle. make sure your car is in good working order – with no serious mechanical, cosmetic, or electrical complaints – and drive carefully. Consult your beginner driving guides if you are unsure, and remember to keep the aforementioned documents on hand and up-to-date.