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    Top Picks and Tips for Buying or Selling Classic Cars

    By sbanderas | May 20 2021
    Categories: automotive,  Blog

    In buying or selling a car, an essential factor to consider is the state of the car and your taste. If you purchase a car that needs restoration, it will take many days or months before it gets set to hit the road, but if restoration isn’t a comfortable choice for you, there are several ready-to-use solutions out there. People buy cars for different reasons, but if you want your experience to stay memorable and fun rather than be absorbed in regret and frustration, stating your reason for a car would help. 

    Classic Cars

    It is important to note that not all classic cars are great investments as some particular models are way better than others. According to Beverly Hills Car Club, a classic car should be the very last word in tasteful elegance, chic and impressive sophistication,

    Research shows that although many vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s have had no appreciation of price for over a decade, some vehicles from the 1970s such as Aston Martin V8 and 1990s are now experiencing an appreciation in price as people born from the era have become more established. Whether through an auction, private dealer, or seller, here are some essential tips to help buy or sell a classic car:

    • Always do thorough research on the car you are interested in, both via the internet and visually. If you plan to buy an investment-grade car that you don’t plan on driving, do your research.
    • Conduct an in-depth inspection with the use of an expert inspector to check the car. If you are doing an inspection, check all parts of the car, inspect the windscreen for any cracks, check the vehicle’s mileage, look out for rust damages but preferably, you should get the inspection done through a professional.
    • Run a VIN check and get a used vehicle history report to ensure the car wasn’t stolen and registered to the seller. Paperwork is vital when investing in a car. A complete account of the vehicle’s history and whereabouts should be documented.
    • Test drive the car if you can before purchasing it.
    • Don’t be scared to offer 20-25% below the asking price when starting. Lookout for any faults to reduce the price.

    While some people enjoy buying classic cars not to own but work on them and display them at car shows or rentals, others invest in classic cars to sell them at a higher price. Here are some added tips that will help sell your vehicle.

    Tips To Selling Classic Cars

    Value Estimation

    The estimate depends on the vehicle’s condition and how much demand the car poses to buyers. An accurate decision is to set the price a little above its projected worth.

    Right Venue

    Some classic cars sell better in auctions. Others sell better online. If you are uninterested in searching for ways to get the car sold, a comfortable option is to sell it by offering it to a car dealer. The flipside of this choice is that you just might sell it at a lesser price. The most cost-effective option is to sell online, which might take a while, but you’ll gain more.

    Magnification Of Its Rare Characteristics

    If your car has some outstanding features other regular cars don’t, this can raise the esteem of the car in the eyes of potential buyers. Some examples are rare color combinations and souped-up engines.

    Right Season

    Targeting the right time to sell the car is essential. Some cars are placed in higher demand in specific seasons due to their unique, abilities which could help their owner in that season. Based on research, the summer months seem to be the best time to sell. Meet prospective buyers in person and stay alert when they test drive.

    Armed with the above tips, here are some classic picks you won’t regret.

    Classic Cars You Won’t Regret Owning.

    • Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R: This car is a race-winner and culturally iconic and ranges between $45,000 -$50,000.
    •  BMW 2002: This classic car is a beauty to own and is worth $32,500.
    • Ford Mustang GT 390 CID Fastback: Dealers love this car because the market price is established. Its price ranges from $15, 000- $25, 000.
    • Mercedes-Benz 500SL: This car has a 449-horsepower V8 engine, the best blend of performance, and a high spec cabin. It is fixed at around $114,700.
    • De Lorean DM-C: This model has great aesthetics, consisting of a rare engine and wheel type. It ranges from $30,000- $60,000.

    Buying or selling cars is not just about the brands but about the negotiation process but personal satisfaction. Most people want a car for fun with friends and family, but it also has to be an investment that they can make money from in the long run. In the long run, when picking a car, your budget, purpose, and preference are of great importance, and you should not settle for less.