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    Unsecured Loans For Bad Credit

    By Fernando C | September 2 2020

    Unexpected finances can cause high levels of stress. We’ve all been there – whether it’s a medical emergency, repairs, or a new car – most of us have had to fork out a large sum of money.

    Not everybody, however, has large amounts of money to hand. For example, cars – not many people actually pay in full for the car at the time of purchase, with over 100 million Americans having auto loans.

    The stress of needing a loan can be bad enough, but this only intensifies if you have bad credit. Bad credit can lead to countless loan rejections and extortionate interest rates – which is all you need when you’re already in a financial hole.

    Thankfully, there are some loans out there for you, even if you have poor credit. Keep reading for more information on some of the best-unsecured loans for bad credit. Alternatively, check out this article on unsecured bad credit loans at Crediful.


    • A great choice for a small, short term loan
    • Low-interest rates starting at 5.99%
    • The quick, free, and easy application process
    • Have up to 36 months to repay the loan
    • Loans capped at $5000


    The application process for a loan with BadCreditLoans is quick and easy – and it won’t cost you to apply either as some other loan companies do.

    You can borrow anything between $500 and $5000, which is brilliant for a small unexpected expense – whether it be to cover rent or to replace household furniture.

    Depending on factors such as your credit score and your income, the APR will be between 5.99% and 35.99% – and you have up to 36 months to pay it back depending on your plan.



    • Can borrow up to $10,000
    • Funds made available in one working day
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Up to 72 months to repay the loan
    • All credit types are eligible
    • Must earn a minimum of $1000 per year

    To get started on your loan application with CashUSA, all you need to hand is your contact details, your bank details, your income information, and proof of ID.

    In order to be considered, you must earn a minimum of $1000 per year, and be at least 18 years of age. The application process is quick and simple, and should only take you a few minutes to complete the online form.

    The request can be approved in minutes, which is ideal if you’re after money quickly. You can’t be waiting around for weeks if you’ve got dental surgery or car repairs to pay for, can you? Well thankfully, once accepted, your funds should be available to you in one working day.

    Whether you’re borrowing $500 or $10,000, you’re sure to find a suitable loan thanks to CashUSA, no matter what your credit score is.


    • Quick, free, and simple online application
    • Perfect for small, short-term loans
    • Easy to find a loan even with a poor credit history
    • The maximum loan amount is $2,500


    MoneyMutual is the perfect choice if you’re after a small, speedy, and short-term loan. If you’re short on the rent, or you just need a bit to get by, then it’s definitely worth seeing what MoneyMutual has to offer.

    You can borrow up to $2,500 no matter how bad your credit history is, which seems too good to be true – but it’s not. Over two million customers have let MoneyMutual help them through financial hardship.

    Once you’ve submitted the application (which is free, and only takes a minute or so), you’ll need to wait to hear back from lenders. Once your loan has been approved,  you can have access to the funds in as soon as 24 hours.

    • Up to 6 years to repay funds
    • Easy and manageable installments
    • Perfect for debt consolidation
    • Can borrow up to $35,000
    • Funds made accessible quickly
    • There are more competitive interest rates out there

    Whether you need a fast $500 to afford your necessities, or you need a large chunk to pay for a car, deposit for a house, or a wedding, then is a great place to start looking. The amount you can borrow varies from $500 to $35,000, which is sure to cover any unexpected expenses.

    Monthly payments can be steep when the loan needs paying off quickly, but thankfully this isn’t something you need to worry about with In fact, you have up to 72 months (yes, that’s six years!) to pay off your loan.

    This makes the monthly payments more than manageable – and this also reflects well on your credit score, making it a great debt-consolidation loan.