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    Useful Tips On How To Rent A Reliable Car In Dubai

    By sbanderas | June 4 2021
    Categories: automotive

    Are you planning a grand holiday trip to Dubai and have been wondering how you were going to transport yourself easily? Taxis would be a solution but would they get to all the places you want to visit? You’re left with one obvious option; renting a car. That is probably the best idea you can have that will improve your Dubai trip in ways you never imagined. 

    Considering how unreliable public transport is in getting you where you want in a city or country, you just might want to go for something a little bit different from what you’re used to like buses and taxes. 

    For a city like Dubai, it is a place that’s built for driving. The famous city is known for not only its luxury but its fantastic road network and high-quality highways. This invariably means you won’t find it challenging when navigating the city and its fun spots when you rent a car. You can conveniently tour at your pace unbothered about how easy it would be to catch a bus or call a cab. Well, if you’ve been convinced renting is the way to go during your stay in Dubai, here’s how to go about it.

    1.Do a Background Check

    This is not to check the crime rate in the city or anything of that nature. Running a background check in this context is checking out places you’d like to visit during your time there. That would help gain some important knowledge like how far those places might be from your lodging. 

    With that information, you can easily select a car that would suit your routine. Would you travel out of the city to other parts of the country? Your car needs to be able to fit your luggage and be in the proper condition to take the tour too. Taking luxury cruise cars when you intend to visit the desert wouldn’t make sense. That’s what we mean by a background check. You’d be visiting a city where fuel isn’t their challenge, therefore, you wouldn’t want to ruin your beautiful holiday because you’re driving a car whose fuel capacity doesn’t cover the distance you’d be traveling.

    Things you want to research; sites you want to visit, car type, parking fees, gas prices, e.t.c.

    2. Go Online

    The internet has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to get results about anything if you know where to look. If you’ve done your research and are certain of where you’d be visiting, do a search online for rental cars in that specific area. In this case, it would be rental cars in Dubai and UAE driving is a good place to begin your search. They offer major services from car rental to chauffeur services. 

    In most sites like this, you get to see their discount promos with the instant payment option and even get to apply coupons if you have any. However, bear in mind that when you pay for rentals in advance, you might not always get a refund.

    There are some things you should note not to do when shopping online to be on the safe side:


    • Don’t prepay for a rental car you’re not certain of.
    • Don’t also prepay for fuel.
    • Don’t rent at the airport. 

    3. Ask Your Hotel

    Except they’ve got family in the city, most visitors to Dubai stay in a hotel. Considering the country has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it’s only normal for tourists to spend some time in those hotels.

    Hotels usually offer car rental services to their guests making it easy for them to pick up and drop off the vehicle when they’re done. They can also recommend good places to rent based on their customer’s feedback just in case they’re not offering such services.  

    4.Take Car Insurance Seriously 

    Car insurance is an important part of renting a car which is why every legitimate rental organization does what they can to protect you. In the United Arab Emirates, third-party liability insurance is to be provided by the rental companies and it includes rental price. Below are additional insurances you benefit from too: 


    1. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW): covers the car cost if it’s damaged or stolen;
    2. Personal Effects Cover – covers expenses when there is theft. 
    3. Personal Accident Insurance – you’re covered when there are accidents in terms of medical costs. 


    The city of Dubai is one created for fast cars. The roads are good in a way and driving on them is safe. Renting is a fantastic way to enjoy your stay in the city.