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    What to Do if You Get Hurt in a Traffic Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

    By sbanderas | December 14 2021

    As dreadful and unfortunate as they are, traffic accidents are quite common. Hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents take place each year, resulting in minor or major injuries. If you have ever been in an accident, you must know the importance of following the right protocols. If the accident results in major injuries or damages, you will have to report the case to receive your rightful compensation. Many people flee the scene regardless of whether or not they are responsible for the crash was. No matter how tempting it may be, you must not leave the scene as it can weaken your case in court. Let’s look at some of the other procedures you must follow if you were involved in a traffic accident. 

    Take Notes

    One of the biggest mistakes people often make once they get into a car accident is not documenting it properly. Since you are the most significant witness in your case, you need to have sufficient knowledge, so you can fight for your rights. Taking notes right after the accident can help you remember the details of the accident that you might otherwise forget. The notes will come in handy when presenting your case against the other party. Remember, you should file a third-party claim so that the insurance company of the person who crashed into you would pay for your injuries and damages. 

    Call the Authorities

    Many people avoid calling the police and would rather flee the scene and pretend this whole thing never happened, even if they aren’t responsible for the crash. This will do more harm than good. The first thing you should do is stay exactly where you are or move to the side of the road of the incident if staying on the road is dangerous. Most states require you to stay at the scene of the accident at all costs unless you need immediate medical attention. You must prioritize your health above all else, so be sure to call an ambulance if you need immediate assistance. Most likely, the authorities will do this for you, so don’t be afraid to rely on them. The testimonies from the official authorities and the police report can also strengthen your case later on. Make sure to follow the instructions of the authorities and constantly follow up on whatever is going on.

    Take Photographs of the Scene 

    Photographs can be your secret weapon when dealing with the liable party’s insurance company, as they provide indisputable proof of the damages and injuries sustained. They will help solidify your case and make it easy to prove that the other party was at fault. If you have an attorney, they can use these photographs to build a strong case on your behalf. 


    Call an Attorney

    Dealing with the authorities and legal procedures on your own can be quite challenging, especially if you are hurt. You can simplify the situation by relying on a professional attorney. If you were injured in Rock Hill, a specialized South Carolina attorney will guide you through the situation if you suffered a personal injury by suggesting the best course of action according to the state laws. They can help you avoid mistakes that can compromise your case and help you fight for your rights. Since the attorney will have sound knowledge and expertise on the subject, they can help you maximize your case’s potential and get your expenses covered by the liable party’s insurance. 

    Get the Other Party’s Information

    You’ll probably feel a lot of anger and resentment towards the other party who is at fault. However, you must keep your calm and try to extend a hand of peace for the moment. Use this opportunity to gather as much information about the other party as you can. Information like their name, car make and model, license plate number, and any data relating to their insurance company will come in handy later on. Try to avoid making any statements or discussing the accident with the at-fault party because they might use your words against you to undermine your case. If they refuse to cooperate, look for other ways you can get the information you need. Rely on other witnesses’ testimonies, contact your insurance company, and note down the smallest details to give your story credibility.

    Traffic accidents can be difficult to cope with, both physically and financially. Be sure to always prioritize your health above all else. Don’t be afraid to rely on an attorney if things seem out of control. By practicing patience and keeping these key points in mind, you can significantly improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. If all goes well, all your expenses will be covered, and you walk out of the situation with minimal losses.

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