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    What to Expect When Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

    By sbanderas | February 11 2021
    Categories: Blog

    It can be frightening to consider filing a lawsuit, especially if you’ve just gone through a brutal ordeal like an accident with a semi-trailer truck. So many of us are unfamiliar with the law and how legal proceedings work. We might have seen a few court cases on television shows or in movies—maybe we’ve ever seen one real high-profile hearing on the news—but this doesn’t mean we have any idea what being part of a lawsuit will feel like or involve.

    The following will break down the things you can expect to encounter when filing a truck accident lawsuit. Of course, every accident has a different context and set of details. For the most accurate information on what a suit will look like in your particular situation, reach out to a legal professional.

    Understand That Truck Accident Injury Claims Often Have Many Potential Factors

    Typically, collisions involving larger vehicles that were on the road for commercial reasons are often more complicated than other accidents. 

    At, they explain that this is because there are so many potential factors contributing to the crash. Professionals who work on reconstructing accidents for legal proceedings might find that multiple causes played a role in the collision.

    Typically, There Are Many People Involved

    Beyond this, there are usually more people involved in these cases as each commercial truck on the road has several people working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Of course, there is the driver, but there are also companies responsible for loading the cargo, businesses charged with maintaining the vehicles, and the company that owns the truck.

    Usually, A Lot Of Evidence Is Needed

    Because so many people are involved, more evidence is needed than in other accident claim situations. Records of employment, cargo loading, truck maintenance, and driver training, and rest time need to be carefully examined. Many trucks also contain data recording devices that will need to be analyzed. All this additional evidence doesn’t replace the more traditional required information like photos of the scene, surveillance footage, and witness statements.

    Truck Accident Claims Are Often Fought Against Hard

    Given the size of a semi-trailer and the amount of damage that can be done with one in a collision, the amount of money on the table in truck accident claims can be astronomical. Commercial trucks also typically have comprehensive insurance policies (and insurance companies that will fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible). These two factors tend to result in aggressive responses to claims. Victory from either party is often hard-fought.

    You Need A Specialized Attorney

    Because of all the factors mentioned above, you will most certainly need an attorney if you’re considering pursuing a lawsuit after your accident with a truck. When looking for a lawyer, you want to ensure that you consider people who specialize in the particular type of law you’re dealing with. This means you want a lawyer who is devoted to accident claims and lawsuits. You might even be able to find an attorney who specializes in semi-truck accidents.

    Your Lawyer Should Also Be Local

    The law varies from state to state, and even in the cases where the written law is the same, there are different interpretations of the law between states as well as various precedents set. When seeking an attorney, you want to find a specialist who works in the state where the accident happened. You might even want to go more local than that. Lawyers tend to know and understand the judges and insurance company employees in the city or township where they work, which can help ease the process a little.

    Due To COVID, Things Might Take Longer Than Usual

    Because of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and the ensuing lockdowns, there has been a backup of legal proceedings. In the event that your case goes before a judge, you can expect longer than standard wait times for your hearing. The backlog of cases worldwide is expected to continue well into 2023.

    You Might Have To Refrain From Using Social Media

    In intense claims, lawyers, judges, and law enforcement officers expand their sources of evidence. It’s all too easy for an innocent post or comment to be interpreted to your detriment during aggressive legal proceedings. Heed your lawyers’ advice when it comes to all social media activity.


    The above information should help you mentally prepare for some of the aspects of a truck accident lawsuit. Again, for a more detailed understanding of your specific case, reach out to a legal professional.