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Bad Credit Title Loans

Car Title Loans CaliforniaCar Title Loans California is your first choice home of getting fast and easy cash to sort demanding or unplanned expenses that may occur in your daily life. Do you have a bad credit score? And you are worried that you can never get a loan to finance some of your bills, I have got good news for you as Car Title Loans California is the perfect place for people with bad credit history to get loans without any hassle. The reason why we are in business is to help people with bad credit secure easy and quick loans. Regardless of the condition of your financial needs and income, we will work with you to fashion a workable means of helping you out to make you comfortable with fast cash.

You can get up to $50,000 cash using your car as collateral. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you have bad credit or good credit, or you are not even creditworthy at all, with Car Title Loans California you are covered. You can get bad credit title loans with car title loans California within a short period after all your documents are approved.

Secure Bad Credit Title Loans

At Car Title Loans California, we understand the fact that it is almost impossible to get loans with bad credit especially if you go to banks and other financial loan providers. This is why we have designed a fast and easy way in which people with bad credit can get loans using their car’s equity.

We Help People with Bad Credit Get Title Loans

car title loans galtWe have over 100 convenient locations across California where you can walk in and apply for a quick and easy loan. It will not take a whole day before your application is approved; it is fast, simple, and easy to get. Once you provide all the documents needed and your documents are certified OK, you will get the money credited the same day. To make it easier, and faster, you can also apply from the comfort of your home by filling out the online form on our website. If you reside in the city of Los Angeles CA, we are your best option obtaining same day funding all across California. Some of the documents required for you to get a loan include a car title and a government-issued ID. Our friendly customer representatives are always available to help you with the application process and they will also attend to all your questions and inquiries.

Having a car of your own that is paid off makes it faster and easier to get bad credit title loans from us. You will be required to provide the bad credit title loans to the lender and you will be provided with money in return. We offer online loan approval for our clients once they upload the required documents through our online application portal. Our online application process has helped us increase the number of applications we receive daily and we attend to all these applications within a few hours.

24 Month Bad Credit Title Loan Term

loan term

Our loans attract a high-interest rate than what you get from the regular or traditional financial lenders and it is a 24 month-term loan. We access your qualification for a loan based on the value of your car rather than based on your credit score. The amount of loan you will be able to access is dependent on these three factors;

  1. The value of your car
  2. The amount of cash you apply for 
  3. Your ability to repay the loan

You might have made certain mistakes regarding your creditworthiness in the past, you do not have to worry about all that when you come to apply for a bad credit title loan from Car Title Loans California. We understand what your fears and concerns may be, and we are a step ahead to see how we can help you regardless of your credit score and income. One interesting part of the credit report is that there are some times that you will have items that are not supposed to be on your credit report, and if you work with a good credit specialist, those items can be removed or adjusted in such a way that it will boost your credit score. These mistakes will work at your disadvantage when you decide to apply for a loan as it will categorize you as being a high credit risk.

Also, there are s me positive items that are supposed to appear on your credit report and when they are missing it can cost you some valuable points and it paints you as not being creditworthy. Hence, it is important to engage the services of a good credit analyst to help you out whenever you want to apply for a loan. Finally, consulting family and friends that are well-informed about applying for bad credit loans can help you lower your credit score thus increasing your chances of being qualified for bad credit loans.

Bad Credit Title Loan Explained

refinancing and buyoutA car title loan is a kind of loan that you apply for using your car as collateral. The amount of loan you will be able to access will be a function of the valuation of your car by your loan company. Applying for a car title loan is much easier if you own the car. So many people like the idea of a car title loan because it is not complex and it is easy to understand the concepts behind it. As a result of this, so many people are now considering the option of a car title loan to get fast and quick cash.

It is quite odd and strange that the idea of car title loans didn’t gain ground in as most Americans have been using their homes to borrow instead of using their automobiles. However, today the trend is changing as so many people now realize that they can use the equity in their car to secure the loan It must be said that this type of loan just like another type of loan also has significant risks. One of them is that the lender will take possession of your car if you are unable to pay back the loan. Hence, you must borrow an amount you can pay back within the shortest possible time because the interest in car title loans is high and it can add up very fast then you can imagine.

If you have a source of income that is not stable, a good idea will be to sell your current car and buy another less expensive car. Although, this method can take time as you don’t know when you get a good buyer and you may need fast cash.

Payment Delay With Title Loans

delayed paymentIf there is any reason that you will be paying late or you won’t be able to pay at all, make sure you inform your lender ahead of time. Paying behind schedule sends a bad and worrisome message to your lender and this can result in some kind of tussle, try as much as possible to avoid this, and if it’s going to happen communication with your lender is paramount. We also offer car title loan refinancing. When you fail to pay as when you due, you will give your lender the impression that you are planning to abscond or maybe you have some other hidden agenda that may not be healthy for the agreement you have with them.

 To make it worse, if you begin to avoid picking calls from your lender, then you may force the lender to make moves on how they will take possession of your car. However, if you communicate with them on the reasons why you are unable to pay as of when due, they will understand and probably work out a more realistic payment term for you. Usually, the value of your vehicle is worth more than the size of the loan, you can take advantage of this by borrowing money from friends and family to pay off the loan.

Bad Credit  Title Loan

bad credit car loanThis is the biggest item that will cost a whole fortune throughout the loan. People with credit scores above 650 may find themselves paying for as much as 6% on their mortgage loans. The interest rate is dependent on the prevailing interest rates at the time of purchase. For instance, if you have bad credit, you could be paying up to two and a half to three percentage points more and sometimes it can run into double figures on your mortgage rate.  

Paying a high-interest rate is not going to be the only problem you will encounter, your lender will demand that you also purchase private mortgage insurance to cover the risk of your defaulting on a payment. If you maintain regular payment of the loan, it will reflect on your history of on-time payments and this will help to boost your credit score over time. With a good record of on-time payment, you will be able to refinance at a lower interest rate

Getting rid of bad credit items

improve credit scoreIf your case is so bad that you couldn’t find a lender to offer you the loan, then you will have to wait for a few years until all or part of the bad credit items on your credit report is cleared. It may take a couple of years but it surely will be worth the wait. A slight change in your credit report score can prove vital in determining whether you will be granted or refused a bad credit title.  

If you have items that are incorrect on your credit report, or if there are items that should have been removed because of their age; you will need to consult your credit bureaus to request for necessary additions and subtractions. They are authorized by federal law to make corrections where necessary.

Include Important News For Bad Credit Title Loans

Try as much as possible to include all records that may boost your credit score in your credit report. If you have paid off delinquent account previously and it is not captured on your credit report, present your proof of payment and request your credit bureaus to update the information on your credit report. Contact your lender to request for history of previous credits you have paid off so that it can be included in your credit report. You can never say which of these records will give you leverage in getting your next title loan.

Bad Credit Title Loan Charges and Interest Rates

car loans interest ratesBorrowing costs that comprise of loan fees and interest charges are quite high for poor credit borrowers as compared to what is obtainable with people that have an excellent credit score. Be prepared that getting a bad credit loan comes with the inflated cost of borrowing and higher monthly payments. To make sure you get a fair deal, try to consider high borrowing costs as an investment to get better credit standings because bad credit loans if well serviced will help you build a good credit history over time. Improved credit history will enable you to easily secure future loans.

Bad Credit Title Loans Are Suitable for Whatever Purpose

Bad credit loans can be used for whatever purpose you wish to use it for as far as you can pay back the loan what you use the loan for will not be a problem to your lender. The only problem is when you cannot pay back the loan. You can use it to buy a car, furniture, appliances, consolidate debts, or use it to catch up on overdue bills.

Bad Credit Title Loans Types and Qualification

Bad credit loans can either be secured or unsecured.

Secured Title Loans

Secured loans are backed by the equity in the real estate that belongs to you and they are usually the most convenient type of borrowing. Secured loans have low-interest rates and lower qualification standards. The property serves as the collateral to obtain a secured poor credit loan.

Unsecured  Bad Credit TitleLoans

This does not require collateral; it only requires a signature of the borrower. However, the borrower must have a good credit score and must also present a cosigner with good credit as well. The cosigner is held responsible in case the borrower defaults payment.

Conclusion For Bad Credit Title Loans

Rest assured that we are your dependable partner that will listen to you and work with you to get a car title loan or a bad credit title loan. Make sure you own a car-free and clear and ensure you capture all details that can help put you in good light to be qualified for a bad credit title loan in your credit report. With this, we will take it up and make sure you get a fair deal. 

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