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Car Title Loans California Blog

What are Car Title Loans and How Do They Work?

By Joshua Z | May 12 2020
The speed and ease of getting a loan using car title as collateral have gradually become popular, making car title loans the most sort after funding option in times of emergency needs. A car title loan can be the means of escape for individuals in need of cash ...

Personal Loan Frequently Asked Question

By Joshua Z | May 11 2020
A personal loan is a general-purpose loan. You usually can use the funds at your discretion, but some lenders will restrict what you do with the money. They're often more difficult to get than credit cards and sometimes come with their own specific rules. Rea ...

Student Loan Grace Period

By Joshua Z | May 8 2020
With many student loans, you likely won’t have to begin repaying them the day you graduate. Lenders know it could take a while to find a job and get yourself established after you’ve completed your education. Therefore, there is a student loan grace period ...

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

By Joshua Z | May 7 2020
The first cohort of those eligible for PSLF began applying in October 2017. However, as of June 2019, only around 1.1% of those who applied received forgiveness under the program. Your Public Service Loan Forgiveness application can be rejected if you don’t ...

Get Paid to Go to College

By Joshua Z | May 6 2020
Nearly 65% of college seniors graduate with student loan debt. And with student loan debts reaching record highs—at the Fed's last count in 2019 Q2, $1.48 trillion—you may be searching for a more cost-effective way to attend college. After all, college tui ...