Terms and Conditions

The disclosure below applies to Car Title Loans California, including all contents, application forms, tools and information that are available on this website.

All title loan programs and loan amounts are entirely subject to approval by Car Title Loans California following a successful loan application based on your car value and monthly income.

The title loan amount depends on your car’s worth, which will be determined by Car Title Loans California after an appraisal process. And all car title loans offered by Car Title Loans California are subject to customer’s ability to repay the loan.

Statement of Agreement

In these terms and conditions, it is important to note that “I” or “ME” refers to the applicant, while “YOU” refers to the lender (Car Title Loans California).

I solemnly swear that my auto title loan application and any additional document that I submitted along with the application contain information about me that is true and correct. With my contact information that I have provided, I consent to receive notifications from YOU via calls, text messages and emails about my title loan application, validation of my details and management of my account. I also understand that whether my auto title loan application is approved or not, this title loan application will not be returned to me.