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Classic Cars Title Loans

By Jenny Williee | June 18 2020

Do you need classic car title loans? Use the equity that you have in your classic car. Do you own a classic car, and do you need to get fast money? We will help you get the same-day title loan from us and we love to do classic car title loans. Also, we look forward to helping you use the equity that you have in your classic car. We have helped many people get the emergency money that they needed by using their classic car. We will give you the most money, we will get you the best monthly payment. Our advance rate on your car is high and our monthly payments are low.  All of our title loans have no prepayment penalties, so you can pay us off at any time.

Classic Car Title Loan

What Are Classic Car Title Loans?

When we talk of title loans, we are also implying that a motorcycle, boat, RV, or any form of automotive with an engine can get you a title loan. And when we say; cars, we do not mean only regular cars. We are also saying that even if what you own is a classic car of an old model, you can still get the quick cash you need by getting a classic car title loan from us. So if you require an emergency loan and all you have in your possession is a classic car or vehicle, Car Title Loans California can still provide you with a classic car title loan service wherever you are in California.

The Benefits Of Classic Car Title Loans

Much like a regular car or vehicle title loan, we can give you a title loan when you present the title of the classic car as collateral. One thing you should know is this: some classic cars are quite valuable than most regular cars. You’ll be shocked at how much you can get from an auto title pawn loan! Pawn the pink slip of your classic car for a cash advance in exchange. Before we take you through how classic car title loans work. And what you will need to get a classic car title loan. Let’s briefly go through how pink slip loans or car title loans work in general.

Using Your Classic Car For An Auto Equity Loan

Your car title or pink slip is considered as your credit in an auto title loan. So your credit score is not a major stipulation for getting a title loan. With a clear or salvage title in your name and a car that still has some value in it, you can get a quick cash advance anytime. And if it is equity that you have in your car, you can get an auto equity loan. Your lender will take in to account how much value is left in your car. Your income also tells a lot about your financial buoyancy in terms of repaying the loan. So it will be expected that you have a means of regular earning that will ease the loan payment process.

Classic Car Appraisal For Auto Title Loans

When you apply, your car will be appraised to determine its fair market value (FMV). Then you’ll be issued a quote on how much you can get in the title loan. If this information is okay with you, you will be approved to proceed with the rest of the process. You will then be asked to bring along some papers to expedite the loan collection process. To collect your cash, you will sign an agreement, submit your car title to the new lienholder, and receive the title loan in exchange. Classic car title loans work similarly too. Learn more about classic cars at

classic car title loans application

How Do Classic Car Title Loans Work?

You will approach a title loan lender with your pink slip to get a title loan on your classic car. The lender will then evaluate your car to reach its present-day value. This value is reached using the Kelley Blue Book. Once this value is reached, you will be allowed a certain percentage of this amount as the title loan. With Car Title Loans California, this percentage is about 85% max.

This means that if your 1965 Lincoln is valued at say $20,000. You will be offered a title loan worth about $17,000. The amount of money you get stays on the high side depending on the present state of your car. The neater it looks, without accident damages, the more cash you can qualify for. While it may be a risky venture, this keeps us (your lender) on the safe side. The focus shifts to you once you have received the cash. You will have to make strategic plans to pay off the title loan on or before the due date or face the risk of getting your car repossessed because of a default.

How To Qualify For A Vintage Car Auto Title Loan

It does not matter how old the car is. Your classic car might as well be over ten years old. Provided the car is classic or vintage, you can qualify to get a classic car title loan. Once you qualify for the loan, you have to apply for a classic car title loan. Our title loan officer assigned to you will contact you within minutes after filling an official title loan application. They will then properly guide you through the remaining parts of the process. When you apply, you will be required to present some paperwork for documentation. The documentation process is a quick one. You will get your cash in the shortest possible time!

classic car title loans are easy with us

Documents Required For Auto Title Loans For Classic Cars

After you apply to get a classic car title loan from us, you will be given the go-ahead to continue with the process of acquiring the title loan. Then you will be required to provide some documents that will facilitate the documentation process. Below are the classic cars title loan requirements you are to make available:

  • A state-recognized ID
  • Your original car title
  • Proof of your income
  • Proof of residency
  • About three references

Why You Should Get a Classic Car Title Loans?

Title loans are known for their simplicity. Yet, we have made an application for an auto title loan for your classic car even easier. Right from the comfort of your bedroom, you can apply for our 100% completely online car title loan! Use your classic car title as collateral!

We do not waste any time in getting your approval. Usually, all it will take us is about five to ten minutes to contact you in response to your application. With an almost 100% approval rate across California, your classic car title loan approval can be next. No long waits for weeks as banks do, we will give you your money is not more than 24 hours. Whatever cash amount any auto title loan company in California can offer, we are confident we will beat that. You can be sure of getting more money off the value in your car. Interest rates vary between lenders.

Apply Today For A Classic Car Title Loan!

We will even allow you to round up your monthly payments to pay off the title loan. And we won’t charge you a prepayment penalty. We do not limit you to a particular option of making your loan payments. Instead, we offer you a range of options to choose whichever suits you best. Our customer support system is second to none! They are highly focused and committed to seeing you get the quick cash you need! Matter of fact; with us, you get the best title loan service experience. Contact us today and we will get you the best classic car title loan. We are here to help you.

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