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By Jenny Williee | June 2 2020

On a very serious note, the economy is not getting any better (at a reasonable rate anyway), but the one thing that keeps popping up, emergencies. Health emergencies, family or home emergencies, school problems (either as self-sponsoring students or as parents with regards to your kids’ school fees), the list goes on and on. These situations arise very fast and could escalate even faster if they are left unattended. The solution? Most times the solution is money. But if you had this money these problems would not have been much of an issue in the first place.

You either do not currently have at all or you have too little. Well, we are offering you a way out. A way to get quick cash or funds until you are stable enough. You could apply for a loan – a car title loan!

A car title loan is simply a means for you to get some quick cash to help you solve some imminent problems. But, just like every other loan, collateral is required. In this case, the collateral used is your car. The amount you can collect would usually be based on the current market value of your car and its condition. Moreover, the title (or car in question) must not have any attached liens to be qualified to serve as collateral. If you are willing to collect a car title loan, then we are the best available option for you.

Moreover, we at Car Title Loan California would be glad to buyout your previous loans given the right circumstances while abstaining from taking advantage of you and your current situation. This is because we believe that as our customer you definitely and in every sense of it, deserve better.  You deserve a better and more affordable interest rate at a better and more considerate time. We would be delighted to help you save some extra money where possible. Besides, as a form of security or collateral for the loan, you are required to give up just the title of the car, not the car.

Why Choose Car Title Loans?

Before trying to convince you to use our services, it would be pertinent to try to explain to you why car title loans would be a better choice in times of crisis. This way, you can come to understand how our car title loaning services (especially at Car Title Loans California) became and remains an essential part of today’s society. First, since the risk does not involve a house mortgage but something with lower risk (a car), the rate would be lower.

It is a better option than the more common first instinct of running to the bank to mortgage your house or other relevant property. It would also be better than the option of borrowing money from credit card companies, especially in this economy. Credit card companies and banks are no longer reliable options because these institutes, base their choice of “to give” or “not to give” on the credit history of individuals. In this period of economic crisis, bad or “below average” credit history is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. So even in critical times, there is a high probability that these institutes would deny your loan request to protect their financial interests. Besides, cash advances from the credit card institutes usually come at considerably high prices and are more difficult to settle.

Without banks, credit card companies and the obvious lack of job opportunities, the need for an alternative method to address emergencies is vital. The option of car title loans is still open to you. Especially we at Car Title Loan California. We have orchestrated a system that does not take your credit history into account and could even go the extra mile buyout your previous debts.

The only reason we would have to see the car in question is to properly access or measure the current condition of the car to get or come up with an appropriate wholesale value. Moreover, at Car Title Loan California, our speed of getting things done has won the admiration of many of our past and current clients. Quick processing steps and immediate approval has become a sort of trademark.

So do not worry about your bad credit history or no credit history at all. All you need to do is approach us with your proposal, fulfill some requirements (which would be highlighted later) and relax, knowing that we have your back. So if you are in dire need of cash, why not directly try our services and get your request processed and granted inside of 24 hours? So, banks and other credit card institutions cannot match our speed as we provide faster and more reliable loaning services during times of emergency. This way, you could get the money that very same day (maybe after a few minutes of receiving approval) and still have more than enough time to attend to your needs.

What Exactly Makes Car Title Loans California the Very Best Option For You?

car title loans CaliforniaFirst and foremost, the interest payment is an indispensable part of any loan-giving system. But the difference between us and other companies or title lender options available to you is our interest rates. Some lenders would always try to “squeeze you for all you have” by delegating interest rates that are through the roof. In severe cases these rates could be double or even triple the rates we would offer you here at Car Title Loans California. So, in essence, our interest rates are something that would in a sense also “interest” you.

So, we are very straight forward with you from the very beginning. You do not need to worry about any loopholes in the contract while doing business with us. We strive to give you the very best interest rates, check the interest rate of any other company, odds are, our rate would beat theirs.

Additionally, here at Car Title Loans California, we are huge advocates for shorter-term loans. Hence, we ensure that every single part of the agreement would be properly explained to you when necessary. This way you do not stack up unnecessary debt due to delay in full payment. You would come to appreciate this better when you find out that some companies withhold information concerning the duration of the loan from their clients. This way, the client would feel more at ease. But the client would not know that the more time is taken after a certain period, the higher the interest rates. So, the company just keeps compiling the expected interest in such a way that it would be seemingly impossible to pay off. The sad part is, at times it is impossible to pay off.

Moreover, another reason that makes our deals a better option than others out there is that a large number of other lenders offer interest-only loans. This means that you have to pay off the interest

that would be accrued during the duration of the loan. This might seem like a reasonable option at first. But proper consideration would reveal to you the fact that you could keep paying and paying for some time and you would be paying off only the interest; you have not even started paying off a single penny from the main principal involved. But we, on the other hand, operate a more straight forward title loaning system. This is also the reason we would be extremely delighted in doing business with you even when a title loan buyout transaction is involved. So, if you are already in a quagmire of a sort with another loaning institute, there is no need to fret. Just make the necessary inquiries with our institute and we could discuss a title loan buyout transaction with terms that are more convenient for you to meet.

So in conclusion concerning why we are the best at Car Title Loans California, our interest rates are unbeatable, the duration would be clear cut to you and of course, you pay the interest and principal at the same time (no interest-only loans). The system we use when it involves payment where some part of the payment goes to the interest and the other part goes to the principal is known as amortized payments. While others might only be interested in your money and maximizing their profit (even at your detriment), we are also sincerely interested in you as an individual and would love to help you however we can (even if there is a need for a buyout). 

We deliver faster and more easily accessible loaning services, not to mention our better interest rates and faster turnaround time. It does not get any better than this, hold on to your car while borrowing money from us and at an affordable rate. After all, you do deserve better.

How Exactly Does Our Car Title Loan Service Operate?

Unlike the more popular bank loans that could require days to successfully get the requested amount, our car title loan services can be a better option in times of emergencies. But when dealing with car title loans, with the right requirements and the topic of eligibility out of the way, the process can be completed in as little time as half an hour. Most likely even less time. You do not need to worry about your current credit as it is not necessarily a criterion or requirement for the acquisition of the loan. The requirements are quite easy to meet to be eligible to apply for a title loan.

In addition to the car in question having no previous lien attachments (as mentioned earlier), the next requirement needed to process a successful title car loan is that the car must be worth as much as or more than the current minimum wholesale value of our company. Here, to make loans more accessible by our clients, we have set the minimum wholesale price or value at $2,500 and the maximum wholesale price at $50,000. These are the two basic requirements needed to commence car title loan transaction services with us. Apart from these, the only other factors we might consider before approving the loan would how realistic is the prospect of you repaying the loan and as mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, the current wholesale value of your car.

While submitting your title (serves as collateral instead of us holding on to your car) you would also need to present proof of ownership to show that the car you are putting up for collateral is truly yours. As well as a valid means of identification, most preferably a valid driver’s license. You would also need to put up some names to serve as references, of which one must be a family member. The basic information of your references would be needed, such as their names, phone numbers, addresses and anything else that is required.

Last but not the least you would need to present valid proof that you would be able to fully pay back the loan in due time such as evidence of income and other payment stubs. So in summary, after all, security protocols have been observed (valid identification and proof of car ownership) the requirements can be divided into 3: an estimation of the car value must meet or exceed the minimum wholesale price; the amount of money you need to borrow and whether your car is worth it; finally affirming if you can repay.

What Happens Assuming You are Unable to Pay Finally?

If after everything you are unable to pay, Car Title Loans California would give an extension of one month in a procedure known as rolling over. After this, if payment is still impossible, you could lose your car.

What is an Auto Pawn Loan?

This service involves leaving both the title of the car and the car itself with us. This way, you can get more money as the company (Car Title Loans California) will be in charge of the car itself and not only its title.


contact car title loan CaliforniaWe are very much looking forward to your patronage. Note that various mobile apps make the evaluation process of the car easier and electronic. This makes it possible to complete the whole procedure involved in the car title loan electronically. This is a final gift to our clients, unlike other typical companies, here at Car Title Loans California you do not need to stand in line but can seek the loan from the comfort of your home. Learn more about Title Loan at