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Car Title Loan Without Clear title

By Jenny Williee | February 17 2020

Car Title Loan Without Clear titleClear title as relating to car title loans is often referred to as a title that is free from any subsisting lien. In other words, a clear title means that it is clear from any outstanding debts that have not been paid yet. In case you are wondering how everything works, when you first take a loan, you would have to drop your car as collateral.

This is important as the lender has acquired an interest in that car. Once this has been done, that car that has been used as collateral has lost the clear title status. In other words, the owner does not have full rights over the vehicle until it has been cleared of the loan.

Qualifying for a Car Title Loan Without Clear Title

The truth is that you may qualify for a title loan even though you do not have a clear title. Having a clear title means that you are the one who has the full rights to the vehicle or car. However, in some circumstances, you might have other lenders who may have a subsisting lien on the car. In these circumstances, it is still possible to get an auto title loan. This is also always possible when you take an auto title loan with us.

Because we realize how important the loan might be to you, we are willing to find a solution to your lack of clear title. We would analyze the amount of equity that your car possesses. If you are wondering what equity means, this simply refers to the remaining balance after the value of the car has been deducted from what you have left to pay. Most times, we find out that the car which is to be used for collateral would have more equity than the amount that is left to be paid. We could help you get your loan by trying to incorporate what you have left to pay on your other loan. One thing that is amazing about the car title loans is that all collateral is based on the car and nothing more.

Understanding Car Titles and How to Get a Clear Title

If you have a lien on your car, then the status of that lien might be what would make all the difference. When we get a car that does not have a clear title, the first thing that we do is to check the condition of the car and its title. If we find that your car still has reasonable equity, we would be more than happy to give you the loan. Sometimes, we make it our duty to add the remaining payments which you have to pay to other lenders into the loan which you take from us. Several other factors will consider. However, these factors vary from one place to another.

However, the one thing which would have a big chance of disqualifying your car would be the presence of accidents and other problems that your car has not yet been cleared of.  If you have any issues or inquiries which you would like to make regarding this issue, you should do well to contact our customer support. They would always be happy to help.

What if you lose the documents for your car title? 

Sometimes, it is very likely that the documents that show the original title may be missing. However, it is still possible to get a loan on that car even though you have misplaced the documents to the title. We would help you in any way that we can to ensure that you can secure the loan as quickly as possible. We are sure that the quick result of the money is vital to you and that is what we will be offering.

Cars that qualify for Auto Loans & Title Loans with Clear Title

Cars that qualify for Auto Loans & Title LoansWhen it comes to the type of car which would qualify for an auto loan, there is a broad space for cars to qualify. It is important to note that the value of these cars do not stay constant for long and are forever fluctuating. However, if you want to get a good idea of the type of car you should use, here is the simple trick.

The loan which you are given is based on the security which you give. Therefore, the more value the car has, the more likely you would get a better loan. It is that simple. So whatever car you decide to bring for your loan, have it in mind that you would not be allowed to take more than you can offer in terms of collateral. We are sure that everyone would like to see their loan request processed at a very fast rate. This would ensure that you get your money as quickly as possible.

The Condition of Your Car

Car Title Loan Without Clear Title (title loan with a lien holder)One thing that would count in any car title loans without a clear title would be given is the value of your car. While you may have a value at hand, we would always assess the car according to the current value in the market. In fact, from the application time, you might have to submit some photos that show the condition of your car. This is to give us a good idea of what we expect from you. A good tip is to make sure that you wash and clean your car before sending us pictures. This would allow us to sign up for the value of the car.

You should also make sure that the picture is taken in a very bright place. This would allow us to look at the picture and decide just how good the car is. Getting all history if the car as to the mileage of the car and any past accidents that may have occurred would be crucial to the success of your application. It would also help us to give you a higher amount of money as a loan. 

Note: Rules & Regulations

When you choose us, you can be assured that most cars that are present would qualify completely. However, it is important to note the rules and regulations of your State. It could prove to be a hindrance to getting a particular amount for a car that does not have a clear title. We also make sure we check just how old the car is. This is because a car would always decrease in value even though it can often be considered to be an asset. Also, know that you would probably have a lower loan given to you. Another thing that would probably increase the amount of money you would get would be if you have a car that is classified as a vintage car or a classic car.

Economy and How Title Loans Help Consumers

If you are suffering due to economic hardships? Then you would no doubt agree that it can be hard to find financial security. If you are a family person, you would be wondering about how you will be able to provide for your family and other people who are dependent on you.

Car Title Loan Without Clear title

We also know that the trend of unemployment can leave you desperate. Thus, making you want to take risks which only end in disaster. If you have a company that is struggling to stand? Then you would find using the auto title loans very helpful.

The truth is that car title loans can help you to transform your life. Planning to use it for emergencies or to start a business? Using car title loans the right way would usually lead to more blessings for you and your family. Another big benefit of the car title loan? The fact that there is no restriction as to what you want the money for. You can apply for a car title loan without having to provide proof of what you want to do with your money.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Car Title Loan Company

Before you choose a car title loan company, there are a few things you would have to consider. They include:

  • Research

It would be only important that you research any company before making a deal. Most companies would offer you enticing deals to make you take their services. This would involve taking interest rates that might be much lower than other companies. You should make sure that you choose a reputable company. This would come in handy in the long run

  • Terms and Conditions

Also, make sure that you have complete knowledge about the various terms and conditions. These, of which, you’d have to meet when you’re dealing with a car title loan.

Benefits of Taking a Car Title Loan

One benefit of taking a car title loan is the fact that your credit would be protected. Bad credit is important for various reasons. Having bad credit can even prevent you from having a job that you would be happy with. Wondering how to get a car title loan without a clear title? Well, bad credit history may occur if you have failed to settle all your debts in the past. It could even because of a utility bill that you forgot to pay. Most of your bad debts would be sent to the credit bureau and this would end up having an impact on your credit score. 

It is also important to note what happens if you default on paying back your loan. In most cases, the lender would have no choice but to repossess your car. Repossession would mean that the lender would sell your car to get back the amount he used. This means that you might never get to see your car again. Therefore, if you want to keep your car, you should ensure that you can pay back the loan as soon as possible.


The truth is that the time we are living in is a time of so many financial problems. If we wish to make it in this life, we would need to have emergency funds at our disposal. This is exactly what car title loans achieve. Any remaining questions on what is a clear title or title status liens? Contact Car Title Loans California today! We’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process! And, answer any questions you might have about a car title loan without a clear title! Learn more at