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The Car Title Loan Guide

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It is possible that you may or may have heard of the term car title loans? Whether you are familiar with borrowing money from a financial institute or not, or you want to get more details about title loans.

You will find all you need to know about taking a personal loan against your car title in this complete guide. When there is a pressing need or you are lacking sufficient funds, one way you can get access to cash is through personal loans with collateral.

Car Title Loan Guide

And a car title loan is a type of loan for people facing critical emergencies and is urgently in need of cash fast. In life, anything can happen, and these things pop up when we least expect.

But, you can get quick cash loans whenever you are financially handicapped or in need of money fast to handle an important need.

Introduction To Title Loans

Getting a loan against your car or vehicle title as collateral is a good option if you are facing some challenges that require extra cash.

The situation might be such that you need this quick loan as capital to start a new business, as extra support to settle some personal needs, a fund for your education or as standby cash for a medical emergency.

As long as you need money fast to save you from any form of financial issue, pawning your car title for a cash advance will be a wise decision.

A car or vehicle, which is one possession that the majority of American citizens own, can be a means of rescue in times of urgent needs or in times when the cash at hand is just not enough.

One of the great options to receive a quick cash loan during hard times when you need some money in your pocket is through a car title loan.

Title Loan Definition

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a loan as any amount of money that someone borrows over a period with a promise to pay back, usually with interest.

According to Investopedia and Wikipedia’s definition, a car title loan is an example of a secured loan that you get by offering the title to your car or vehicle to the lender (the car title loan company) as collateral.

By approaching a loan lender to get a loan, you are giving the title pawn lender the legal right to place a lien on your car. That is, you will temporarily surrender your car title to the title loan company and the loan company grants you the loan amount.

Your lender legally becomes the “lien holder” and holds on to the car title. There are several types of loan systems that several financial institutions issue out to individuals.

These loans include; an open-ended loan, a closed-ended loan, a secured loan, and an unsecured loan. When it involves giving up an asset as collateral, then it is a secured loan.

And the lender might end up taking ownership of the collateral if the borrower should fail to pay back the loan. Before we go further to see what is a car title loan and how it works, let’s take a look at the origin and brief history of car title loans.

Car Title Loans History

pink slip loans MontebelloResearch by the Center for Responsible Lending and Consumer Federation of America shows that it was in the early 1990s that car title loans became popular in the financial world.

It shares some similarities with Pay Day Loans. Just as ten am implies, it is a form of secures loan which offers individuals with no hope of getting cash anywhere else a chance to get a loan against their car title.

This then growing trend allowed individuals to have access to cash whenever they need it despite their financial status.

Car title loans are now available both in physical offices and as online services.

Presently, several states have adopted the title loan system in one form or another. Some of these states include; Ohio, Delaware, Georgia, South Carolina, Idaho, Illinois, California, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Online title loans are one of the recent ways of accessing fast cash when in need of financial assistance or when in a situation of financial emergency.

Car title loans are stress-free to get and are always within your reach as long as you have a car that will qualify you. Now, let’s look at a general description of what car title loans are all about.

General Overview of Car Title Loans

A car title loan is an example of a secured loan where you get a loan by submitting the title to your car or vehicle, plus other title loan requirements to the lender or the car title loan company as collateral.

This is quite similar to getting a conventional loan from a bank where an individual offers an asset (a house in most cases) as collateral.

The collateral secures the bank against the risk of nonpayment of the loan and the bank could even decide to confiscate the asset if the borrower should fail to comply with the payment terms.

The lending company will only relinquish the car title to you when you pay up the loan (with interest) in full. In other words, you receive back your car title when you completely repay the loan to the auto title loan company.

The lender will also remove the lien on your car or vehicle. It is important to note that auto title loans are not limited to cars or vehicles only.

You can also use the titles of your other vehicles such as SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, trailers and recreational vans as collateral. Other names for car title loans are; pink slip loan, car title loan, auto title loans, car identity loan and vehicle title loan.

What Are Car Title Loans?

A car title loan (which is also referred to as “auto loan,” “title pawn loan”) is a short-term loan where the borrower offers his or her car title as collateral.

It is a form of a secured loan. A car title (or pink slip) is a document that shows your ownership of a car.

If you understand how pink slip loans work, then this type of loan system can be a way of escaping the dreaded debt cycle faced by most US citizens.

Unlike secured loans from conventional banks and credit unions, you do not give up your car. Rather, your car remains in your possession and you continue to use your car as long as you stick to the terms of the agreement.

However, when you compare this loan acquisition process to that of other traditional lenders like banks and credit unions, you see that it is mild and involves fewer rigors.

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

The way it works is very simple. To get a car title loan; first, you must outright own the car or have enough equity in the carYou would then consult a car title loan company.

Approach the lending agency with your car title or a pink slip and apply for the loan. The loan company representative will proceed to check the year, make, model and general condition of the car in an inspection process.

Although this application is available online, the information from this inspection will enable the loan firm to determine the loan amount they would lend you and also to determine what the resale value of the car might be.

You Don’t Need An Excellent Credit Score For Title Loan

In general, the auto title loan company evaluates your car and lends you a percentage of its value. While some title loan companies offer you the title loan with no credit checks and no background employment checks.

Others will perform credit checks as well as check that you have a steady income that will ease your ability to pay back the loan. Usually, you do not need an excellent credit score to get a car title loan.

Also, you do not need to be employed to be qualified for a car title loan. Though you should have a source of income to meet up prompt payments.

bad creditYou might qualify for a loan up to 50% to 60% of the total resale value of your car. The title loan agency will only ask to hold on to the title until you fully pay back the loan.

Then the auto loan company will document the title to the vehicle, and grant you your loan request after placing a lien on your car.

Depending on the loan principal, interest rate and loan duration, a title loan calculator will be used to determine your repayment plan.

And after complete payment, you reclaim your car title, lien-free. In most cases, a car title loan application can take as little as an hour.

Processing auto title loan requests take lesser time than a traditional loan from a bank because of the elimination of a long period of credit checks and unnecessary paperwork.

In summary, here’s how car title loans work;

  • Apply and tender all requirements for the car title loan agency.
  • Present your car for inspection and evaluation
  • Once your loan is approved, the lender will give you the cash in exchange for your vehicle title.
  • You continue driving your car while you repay the loan

Though policies differ between states and most times, you must be living within the state before you can access this loan from a title lender.

Do not worry if you have bad credit. Auto identity loans are basically for individuals with bad credit scores. You can pay off your loan anytime, and you get your car title back when you completely repay the loan (plus interest).

Car title loans are the ideal solution for people with a bad credit score or no credit worth.

What is theTitle loan limit?

No Credit Checks

When it comes to deciding on getting a quick cash loan through a vehicle identity loan, another essential question to ask after understanding how auto title loans work is “what amount can I borrow?”

The minimum amount you can usually access is $2,500 up to about $50,000. So, the first concern should be to own a car that is worth at least $2,500.

The following determines the loan limit:

  • Your car makes
  • Your car model
  • Mileage or odometer reading of the car
  • The car title (clear or salvage)
  • Any existing lien on the car
  • Competition between leading companies

Most people are already familiar with car title loans or vehicle title pawns. However, some others are still ignorant of the fact that they can even get a loan against other types of automobiles that they own.

Well, if you are one such person, then you are sure to find out about other forms of title loans and how they work. You can get a cash advance against the title of your motorcycle, truck or recreational van.

And again, this process is easier than getting a loan from banks or credit unions using collateral. You may be reading this right now, wishing to rebuild your credit through the help of a title loan.

Or that you need help with paying your bills on time, or you would like to learn about how to get an auto title loan, then you are also at the right place. For more understanding, you can also lookup motorcycle title loans, RV title loans from our website for more details.

Title Loan Interest Rates

Car Title Loans with no credit checks

Car title loans may be quite expensive than other alternative means of funding, but that should not discourage you from applying for an auto identity loan.

Though the Department of Business Oversight controls and supervises the interest rate of pink slip loans, interest rates still vary between auto title pawn lenders.

Typically, a lender gives a monthly interest rate with a 30 to 60 days’ duration.

It is possible to negotiate the payment plan with the car title lender. Hence, it is necessary to choose the best lending company that will adequately educate you as you make a financial decision, offer you a relatively lower interest rate.

Also provide you the best title loan experience with no hidden charges whatsoever. So, if the question on your mind right now is “how high is the interest rate?” perhaps you should also ask the question “do I have any better option to raise the money urgently?”

Title Loan Payment plan

Car title loans are a short-term loan by the structure. And despite the title loan calculations, you can negotiate the duration to completely pay up the loan with your lender.

While some lenders may give you a loan payment plan that takes a longer period, others may not. Most lenders could even permit you to make larger payments each month so that you can complete repayment even before the due date.

Most individuals prefer taking out an advance and then splitting the payment into bits over a longer period. In this situation, as long as the borrower is sure to fully pay back the loan promptly and on schedule, the lender might not have a problem with the payment plan.

However, during this period, the lender will not have access to the car or vehicle title. Also, the lending company may not permit you to request an extra cash loan peradventure the need should arise.

In plain terms, no pink slip for you until you fully repay the loan sum. It is also important to note that the more you prolong your payments, the more money you end up paying.

The reason for this is because the title loan industry is a risky investment. The title loan company will charge you more each time you extend your payment. See our car title loans bad for details.

How to Apply for A Car Title Loan

Car Title Loans California

You can apply by simply walking into any car title loan locations near you to acquire a cash loan against your car title.

It is easy, quick and free to get a car title loan. You can apply for a 100% online title loan by filling out an online form. You can also apply over the phone by calling a title loan representative.

To apply for an auto identity loan, the car title loan lender will require you to provide some vital information.

Then, their expert sales associates will proceed to evaluate your car to find out how much money your car is worth or how much it will qualify for you.

Applying for a Title Loan in California

You can apply over the phone or in person. Running your car through Kelley Blue Book (KBB) at to determine your car’s worth is a definite advantage.

When you apply for the loan with us, we will perform a credit check. A sales representative will analyze and evaluate your car and come up with a fair selling price for your car.

And the Kelley Bluebook is a guaranteed way of reaching an accurate and most recent worth of your car.

After your loan application, we will come up with the loan amount that your car qualifies you to access. And after that, we will proceed with your credit application.

We will also need proof of your monthly income. You don’t need to be employed before you can apply. As long as you have a car with the title in your name, and a source of income every month, you’re good to go.

Other Requirements For Title Loan

car title loans arcadiaOther requirements include; a utility bill, a lease agreement or mortgage statement to prove your residence.

We will also require you to provide any valid government ID, and also a valid driver’s license.

Your full name, phone number, residential address, some and some references. Your credit score is not a major factor for you to receive a cash advance against your car title.

But it is still important that we look back at your credit history and other related information.

With the use of Experian to check your credit, your credit report will be a perfect guide for us to reach an agreement that will not put you under much pressure.

We will also require that you grant us full permission to run your credit. And, you sign the credit application to give us this right.

Title Loan Car inspection

Since your car title is the collateral for the loan, an inspection is a way of ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of your car’s worth.

A car or vehicle inspection may reveal a higher value, hence, qualifying you for more cash. The inspection exercise will check the overall body condition of the car and if there are any dents, scratches, broken glass, scraps, broken lights on the body of the car. Also, the inspection will check to discover if any bodywork has been carried out in the car.

If the cars have been involved in accidents at any time, the inspection process will indicate it. If it has been modified in any way, the inspection will outline those modifications according to the code and specs.

All these details count during the inspection process. Generally, during the inspection, a car title loan representative will check the roadworthiness of your car, the proof of ownership of the vehicle, and if you have an active insurance policy titled. The inspection will also indicate if your car or vehicle will value more and qualify you for more money, or otherwise.

Title Loans Without Car Inspection

Car title loansVehicle inspection is how you maximize the loan amount you could receive. You may apply for a small loan amount, thinking your car or vehicle is not worth much, yet, the inspection process may reveal a higher value, hence, qualifying you for more cash.

It is possible to get a title loan without inspection. However, some individuals prefer to skip this stage not because they don’t have the car but due to some other reasons. Such as:

  • They may not have the chance to drive the car to an inspection shop and waiting for an inspection officer to carry out and complete the entire process. Probably due to their tight schedule.
  • Sometimes, the location for inspection might be too far from where the borrower resides
  • Most individuals are just not willing to deal with the title loan firm personally
  • The car might also be unavailable, probably because it is in the body shop, at the mechanic’s store, the car is in the impound yard, or somewhere that the borrower may not have access to the car as when it is needed.

What The Inspection Involves

Title loans without inspection involve providing pictures showing the overall body condition of your car. Though, the physical inspection of the car is preferably by the title loan company.

This is to ensure that the collateral is in good condition and that there are no significant damages to your car or vehicle. This also implies that you can get a loan against the title of an old car as long as it is still roadworthy.

A car that has never involved in an accident and its body is in good condition has the higher chances of getting a higher loan amount, while the one that has been involved in many accidents and having poor roadworthiness may not qualify you for a title loan or may just qualify for a lower amount.

To take full advantage of every opportunity from your car for a title loan application, do the following;

  • Always drive safely and obey traffic laws. This will keep your car free from avoidable accidents.
  • Carry out adequate and routine car or vehicle maintenance. That is, ensure the car is always in good working condition.
  • Avoid any form of activity that could subject your car or vehicle to an accident and cause damage or a permanent dent to your car (like reckless driving, over-speeding)

What Qualifies You For A Car Title Loan

qualify car title loansOnce you own a car outright, you are already halfway through the entire process. A good title pawn lender will find out how much your car is worth and how much it will qualify you to access, and then carry on with the rest of the approval process. You can use your pink slip to get a loan.

With car title loans California, you will be able to get you the funds the same day that you apply, within minutes.

Do I Give Up My Car?

No! You keep your car while you repay the loan. The truth is, as long as you do not default on the agreement, you continue to drive your car wherever and whenever you want.

Contrary to the general assertion by many people that you lose your car when you get a car title loan, pawning your car title for a loan does not mean that you will give up your car or lose possession of your car. Instead, you still retain ownership of your car as long as you sustain the terms of the agreement.

The only thing you hand over is your car title or a pink slip. That is, you temporarily tender the ownership (car title or pink slip) of your car until you fully pay back the loan. As long as you do not default the repayment agreement, you still drive your car.

Car Title Loan Refinancing

Refinancing is a way for borrowers to enjoy better deals on the loans against their car when tied to unfair terms of the agreement from inconsiderate lenders. Especially, because competitors offer better benefits. Here are a few reasons why people refinance auto title loans:

  • to reduce their monthly payment, and/or
  • to get a lower interest rate

You Can Refinance Your Car

car title loans palm desertSo, if you are uncomfortable with your current lender, or find your current terms very inconvenient, then you should probably consider refinancing your title loan. People always ask questions like;

What is refinancing? Can I refinance my car title loan? How do I refinance my car title loan? Is it possible to refinance an existing loan with another title loan company?

Can I refinance a bad credit car title loan? What are the benefits of refinancing my car title loan?

Well, the answer to all these and many other related questions are simple. YES! You can refinance your car title loan. YES! There are loads of benefits when you refinance your car title loan, and YES! You can do all these with us. See Car Title Loan Refinancing for more details.

How Title Loan Refinancing Works

How title loan refinancing works are quite similar to the application process of acquiring a car title loan. Simply by providing some vital information and answering some questions asked by the title loan, you can refinance your title loan.

Here’s How Car Title Loan Refinancing Works:

  • complete a refinancing application form online or over the phone
  • Provide the details of your existing title loan (from other title loan companies). The title loan officer will verify the status of your existing loan, as well as the lien holder on your vehicle.
  • Complete a new application with the new title loan company to determine how much you can save each month once you refinance.
  • Present all the necessary documents and other requirements that the car title loan agency will request.
  • Perform a car or vehicle inspection with your new title loan company. This is to determine the current worth of your car and also to determine your ability to repay.
  • Payoff the previous loan, and the new loan is approved.

Requirements For Title Loans Refinancing

What Do I Need To Refinance My Car Title Loan? Here Are The Requirements;

  • Proof of income per month. Like a paystub or banking records. car title loans cypress
  • A government-issued ID. (Example; Driver’s License or State ID card)
  • Proof of full coverage insurance could also be needed (this option depends on the lender’s policy).
  • At least two references
  • A checking bank account

It is also expected that you should not be on active duty in the military.

Title Loan Laws

A publication by the New York Times states that a lot of costumers take out auto title loans yearly, but very few states document these statistical records. And in 2011, the California Finance Lenders Law established legislation that permits licensed companies and organizations to give short-term loans that are secured by titles to automobiles

The laws, which differ from state to state, cover specific areas of title loans like; interest rates, administrative charges, and repossession. These laws according to the Department of Business Oversight in California put title pawn lenders in check at all times with legal guidelines about the dos and don’ts of car title loans.

Are Car Title Loans Bad?

The argument about whether car title loans are good or not has long been of great concern to many. To some, it is a means to stabilize their financial status, while for others, it is simply an extortion system. There are pros and cons to car title loans. To find out more about these advantages and disadvantages, see the post “Are Car Title Loans Bad?”

An auto title loan allows individuals with poor credits as well as individuals who may not have easy access to borrowing money when in desperate need the opportunity to enjoy access to money fast. So, instead of being among the crowd who believe it is bad, why not discover the truth about car title loans yourself.

Life is indeed full of uncertainties. You stand a better chance of enjoying the best title loan experience when you understand what to expect as well as what to be wary about in a car title loan. Especially, what happens if a borrower defaults.

What Happens If Someone Defaults?

When a borrower defaults, the title loan lender could;

  1. Decide to contact the borrower or
  2. Impound the car at any time and anywhere

When you apply for a car title loan, you sign a lien which gives the lender the legal right over your car. The only condition where a title loan company returns the title to you is when you fully repay the loan amount plus interest.

What Is A Default

what title loan balloon loan paymentA default is when a borrower fails to comply with the loan terms of the agreement with the lender. These conditions that lead to default are always part of the agreement details. Repossession is the next obvious thing that occurs if you fail to pay up a loan or comply with the payment plan. When you default, you could lose your car. When a borrower defaults, the lender may either decide to contact the borrower to come up with a better way to repay the loan or immediately proceed to repossess the car.

What Does Repossession Means

If a lender seizes your car when you default, it is called repossession. On account of a default, the repossession officer can show up anytime and anywhere seize your car. Different lenders work with different policies. And the lender is responsible for all the repossession expenses. So, while some lenders will not hesitate to impound your car, others may offer to assist you until you successfully repay the loan in full.

Pros And Cons Of Car Title Loans

The table below shows the merits and demerits of car title loans



It is simple and fast to get your request approval They are typically short term with very high-interest rates
Access to quick cash while you still make use of your car When you roll over the loan, you end up paying more money
Your credit status is not a major criterion for accessing a car title loan You can also lose your car in an auto title loan since your car title is the collateral.

You will find out more about the pros and cons of car title loans when you visit our website.

Alternatives To Car Title Loans

Well, there are other alternatives to car title pawn loans. They include;

  • Credit cards from banks or other financial institutes
  • Emergency loans from work
  • Payment extension
  • Payday loans
  • A personal loan with collateral

Make Your Decision

car title loansWhether or not a car title loan is bad depends on a whole lot of factors. For example; individuals are different, and so are their financial situations.

For some persons, taking out a title cash advance could be a great option, while to some others, it would not be a wise decision.

Priorities could also affect the choice of whether to take out a title loan or not. Some events may require quick funding, others could linger and not cause any damaging effect.

Other alternatives to getting a loan may not be as quick and straightforward as an auto identity loan. Conventional lenders may take you through depressing procedures, and sometimes, even end up turning down your loan request.

Rather than face disappointments or embarrassments from friends and family when you are financially stranded, or approach a conventional lender for a cash advance that they are likely to turn down, if you can easily afford the interest charges and payments, it is preferable to use auto title loans as a short term loan for emergencies.

However, it is important to note that anybody who decides to get a title loan is quite confident to fully pay back the loan. But sometimes, due to some unforeseen circumstances (like bankruptcy), life may play out in such a way the person would fail to complete payments.

How To Choose The Best Title Loan Company?

There are several online title loan direct lenders. But, to get the best online payday loan experience, you need to do the following;

  1. Do a thorough search
  2. Check if the auto title loan company is licensed
  3. Properly read through every document and compare with their competitors before applying
  4. Take note of the interest rate, fees and payment period
  5. Be careful not to fall into the trap of hidden charges

Online Car Title Loan Application

For a 100% online title loan application, you can apply by filling out an online form on our website.

If a one-on-one approach interests you, apply by calling us today on 844 242 7467. Our experienced sales representatives and title loan officers will properly guide and educate you as you apply for the title pawn loan.

Getting A Car Title Loan in California

Are you living in Sacramento, Modesto, Bernardino, Santa Monica, San Diego, Fontana, Irvine, Chula Vista, Stockton, Los Angeles, Riverside, Oakland, Bakersfield or any other location within California?

Are you running out of cash? Do you need to be financially buoyant to kick-start your plans and need a car title loan to accomplish that? Then you are in the right place.

Car Title Loans California is a car title lender in California that focuses on assisting stranded individuals to get access to fast loans within the shortest possible time and with quick loan request approval.

You Can Do The Entire Process Online

We offer you the opportunity to go through the entire title loan process online and quickly too. In many cases, we process your vehicle title loan in the shortest time possible, on the same day.

We are the best auto title loan agency in California. It may be cash for urgent medical treatment, education loan, or extra cash to rescue you from financial embarrassments, whether your credit score is bad or poor, you can still apply for a car title loan.

And if you reside anywhere within California, do not hesitate to consult us. Our services are unique and you will enjoy numerous benefits when you get a title loan with us. Car Title Loans California simply eliminate stress.

Car Title Loan Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of getting a car title loan;

  1. Whether you have a poor credit history, bad credit or no credit score at all, you can still get a car title loan.
  2. You will enjoy 100% funding as a cash advance on the worth of your car or vehicle.
  3. A fast, easy and straightforward application, void of stress, with swift approval as well.
  4. Due to state laws that govern the title loan industry, there are no hidden fees or charges. You only pay back whatever you borrow.
  5. A relatively affordable interest rate varies between lenders.
  6. No prepayment penalty in case you intend to pay up the loan ahead of the due date. And, we encourage you to pay off your loan on schedule for your convenience.
  7. Customer-friendly terms and conditions
  8. Direct funding into your bank account. A better way to receive emergency cash.
  9. You can negotiate a convenient and achievable payment plan with your lender.

F.A.Q About Car Title Loans

What Would Be the Payment Amount?

The amount of money you pay (plus interest) will depend on three basic factors;

  • The principal loan amount you are taking Car Title Loans f.a.q
  • The interest rate
  • The time the loan will last

This amount will be established using a title loan calculator and agreed upon with your lender.

What If I Decide to Sell My Car?

You can sell a car tied to a title loan, but you have to fully clear the lien in the car. Sometimes, your car could break down, or you may want to borrow against the value of your car, such that, the next logical step toward balance your finances would be to completely sell off your car.

Taking this decision to sell your car implies that you will have to set a selling price high enough to pay off the balance on your loan account.

You will have to agree with your lending company to settle the debt with the proceeds from the sales.  That means you will also have to pre-inform the title loan lender on time.

Once you clear the loan completely, then you will be able to retrieve the title which you can transfer to the buyer.

Is It Possible to Get Car Title Loans with No Credit Check?

get car title loans

Yes! You can get a loan on your car title with no credit checks, but most times, this policy leaves the customer in a debt cycle, at risk of defaulting and even in a situation of losing their car.

Usually, before your loan request is approved, the car title loan company will do some inspections, verification, and checks to ascertain the loan amount you can get, as well as your ability to repay the loan completely and on schedule.

Though your credit score is not a deciding factor, the reason for the checks is to know that your income can support the loan. This policy is the reason for our unbeatable success rate and a pool of happy and satisfied customers.

How Do I Get My Title Back?

You will get back your car title as soon as you repay the amount due on your loan account in full. It’s a guarantee! 

What is the Maximum Loan Amount I can Get?

The amount of the loan depends on the value of the car. The more the value of your, the higher the loan you can receive. Usually, you can get between $2,500 and $50,000. Visit our F.A.Q page to find out more about a car title loan. 

This article is brought to you by Car Title Loans California – we will get you the most money on the equity of your vehicle.

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