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Car Title Loans for Cars Older Than 10 Years

By Jenny Williee | February 17 2020

Car Title Loans for Cars Older Than 10 YearsDo you want to get car title loans for cars older than 10 years? At Car Title Loans California, we can get you a  car title loans for cars older than 10 years, most other companies can not do that.

We’ve been helping consumers get car title loans for cars older than 10 years! As long as there is still enough equity, we can help you. Getting a loan on your car might help you get the money you need.

When you are looking for auto title loans for older cars, we are here to help you.  Getting a loan with a car title as collateral is an easy process with us. Back in the day, pawnshops, credit cards, and bank loans were the available funding options. But in recent times, getting a loan against the value of your car has taken center stage in modern financial institutes.

What Are Car Title Loans for Older Vehicles?

A car title loan involves using your pink slip or car title as collateral to get a certain loan amount in exchange. The mileage reading of the car is one criterion any title loan lender will look out for when granting a title loan. And this is one of the reasons why most people are still a bit skeptical about title loans, wondering if their old car or vehicle can even qualify at all.

So many notable financial institutes – title loan companies will not allow car title loans for cars older than 10 years. So the big question is; is it possible to finance a title loan of a used car of over 10 years old?

How Can One Get Access to a Car Title Loan with a Car Older Than 10 Years?

Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years

There are times when you will find yourself faced with challenges that require an urgent financial response. 

Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 YearsNormally, you would have decided to approach a traditional bank or credit union, but by now, you are already aware that it takes forever to get a cash advance from conventional financial institutes, including complicated documentation. 

So, when your credit is bad, and the urgency of the circumstance demands that you lay your hands on some cash fast, then you can save yourself the stress by getting a car title loan. Sometimes, the individuals that are in desperate need of urgent cash don’t have newer cars or vehicles to offer as collateral. And most title loan lenders are not interested in funding older cars cause they’re too risky.

How a Car Title Loans For Old Cars Work

You see, the way a car title loan works are; you pledge the document indicating your ownership of a car or the equity in the car to receive a cash advance in exchange. And depending on the type, model, and make of the automobile you are providing (SUV, trucks, campers or motorcycle), you can get a percentage of its worth as cash advance.

How to Get Auto Loans for Older Cars

auto loan for 10 year old carThe way you get a car title loan on newer cars or vehicles is the same way you get a title loan for much older cars – 0ver 10 years old. It is very easy to get a title loan on cars older than 10 years. It is, however, completely up to you to give us chasing conventional lenders for loan options to get a fast loan approval against your old car, with the title as collateral.

You can get a title loan irrespective of your employment or credit status. Once you own a car or at least have enough equity on the car or vehicle, you can get an auto title loan. Let say you have a car you are driving, probably older than 10 years, you will be allowed to borrow up to 75 % of the value of the car. Getting the current resale value of the car won’t be a problem at all, this is where Kelly Blue Book comes in handy. 

Apply Online for Your Auto Collateral Loan Today!

You need to understand one thing. Since it is an older car, the lender’s assessment of the risks involved may likely affect the loan amount you can get. This amount, of course, will be based on results from the car title loan calculator. It is easy, quick and free to get a car title loan. Even if your car is over 10 years old, you will not be charged a dime to acquire a cash loan on your car title. You can apply online with car title loans California by visiting our website

What Do You Need To Do To Get an Auto Title Loan?

financing a car older than 10 yearsThe first thing you do is apply with us online or over the phone for an auto title loan application for car title loans for cars older than 10 years. Typically, you need a mileage reading of 100,000 max before your car is qualified for a title loan.

After you apply with us for car title loans for cars older than 10 years, your car’s worth will be evaluated to determine how much it will qualify you to access, and then a title loan representative will guide you through the rest of the process. You can get the financial help you need on the same day that you apply, within minutes, in 1 business day.

Though the Department of Business Oversight regulates and oversees auto title loans, interest rates, as well as other vital requirements, vary between lenders, especially if you are requesting for this loan with an older car. But in general, you should expect to get a cash advance within the range of $2,500 to $50,000. As you read further, you will see some of the requirements you need to get a car title loan for cars older than 10 years, especially if you live in California.

  • Easy Documentation

We are proud to inform you that Car Title Loans California has a simple and hassle-free process for title loans for cars older than 10 years. You just have to submit minimal documentation, the pink slip and California driver’s license to be able to avail the loan. We also conduct a credit score check, but it is not what the loan hinges on. We just want to make sure that you can repay the loan against your car. This is the same reason we also verify your current employment status.

  • Quick Qualification Process

Unlike traditional banks and credit unions, we hardly take time to approve your loan on an old car. Once you submit all the documents, we will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to approve your loan amount. This amount will be contingent on the inspection of the vehicle. Learn about safety inspections from

Credit Score is Not Required for Qualification

As stated previously, we do not base the approval or rejection of auto loans for cars older than 10 years on the borrower’s credit score. Whether you have a good or poor credit score does not matter to us, as long as you can repay the loan.

We just do not favor borrowers who are currently in bankruptcy. We look at vehicle equity, the condition of the vehicle and your employment status to determine the loan amount that you can avail. Contact Car Title Loans California today to find out more about our title loans for cars older than 10 years.

What you will need to get a car title loan for older cars in California

Now that you know that it is possible to get a car title loan on cars older than 10 years, let’s see some of the requirements you need to have available to enjoy this title loan service. Along with some documents, you also need to provide details of 5 references.

The other things you need to provide when getting a title loan on an old car in California include –

  • Your monthly income. You need to provide any document that shows how much you are earning every month. If your income is high, you have a higher chance of getting the loan, and this gives you an advantage in terms of repayment.

  • A quick credit check. While your credit score and history is not a deciding factor in getting a car title loan in California, we still need to do a credit check.

  • You may have outstanding medical expenses. Or, a pile of previous unpaid bills. But you can still qualify to get a car title cash advance against the value of your 11-year-old car! 

Our title loans last for a period of 24 to 36 months. If you have another source of income monthly, like unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, royalties, child support and income from rented assets, then? Good to go!

You also must not be in any current bankruptcy. We are simply mindful of your ability to repay the loan.

  • Details about your car. We want to see pictures of your car showing every tiny but relevant detail.
  • We also want to see the VIN, model, make and mileage reading on the odometer.
  • The current condition of the car is paramount.

In addition to the car and the clear/salvage car title or pink slip in your possession, we also want to be sure that your car is currently in perfect working condition.

Your Car or Vehicle Insurance.

financing a car older than 10 yearsYour car likely has full insurance coverage, if this is the case, we will require you to provide that document too. Contrary to the general belief that when you take out a car title loan, you could end up losing your car or vehicle. The truth is, we have nothing to do with your car or your car keys. Our only concern is your cat title and the stipulations you make available.

And the catch is that you still keep your car when you take a car title loan on a car older than 10 years. As long as you don’t default the agreed terms, you continue to drive your car wherever you want. The only thing you hand over is your car title. Car title loans are typically short-term loans, but we offer you a longer payment period of 24 to 36 months. You get back your title when you pay the loan in full. Read more about loans through

How Much Can You Get For a Car Older Than 10 Years?

In California the minimum loan amount you can get, according to the Department of Business Oversight in California is $2,500. And depending on the make, model, and age of your car, you can qualify for a cash advance up to $50,000. How much can you get for a car title loans for cars older than 10 years, all depends on the wholesale value of the car.

Auto title loans for older vehicles are possible with our program. Please apply and let us see how we can help you. Getting a loan against your car is simple with us, just fill out our application and we will help you find out how much money you will qualify for.

What we offer at Car Title Loans California

At Car Title California, you do not have to freak out if your car is old. As long as your car is still in sound condition and roadworthy, you could still qualify or a cash advance in a car title loan. We accept all types of cars. So even if you own an old classic car or a car whose value is quite low, you can still get a title loan from us.

auto loan for 10 year old car

We consider the age of your car, the make, model, if there are any additional features, and even the mileage on your car or vehicle. The thing is, your car may be quite old, but could still have some cool features like; backup camera, a great navigation system, digital stereo, and more. Considering all these options, we offer you more of these add-ons to increase the present-day value of your car!

If you have a car with high mileage, you can still qualify for a car title loan. The fact that your car has a high mileage does not mean that the car has lost all its value. At Car Title Loans California, or auto title loan program also works best on cars older than 10 years.

  • Have you tried to get a car title loan on your old car and failed?
  • Are all the car title loan companies you have approached turned down your application because of the high mileage reading on your older fast cars? 

If the value is there for your car title loans for cars older than 10 years we will be able to help you.

Does the Age of the Car Influence the Interest Rates?

No matter the age of your car, 10 years and older, you can still get a cash advance on the value of your old car, using the title of the car. We can get you a car title loans for cars older than 10 years to when you apply with us!