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    Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years

    By Daniel Joelson | June 18 2020

    Do you want to get car title loans for cars older than 10 years? We can get you a  car title loans for cars older than 10 years! Most other companies can not do that. We’ve been helping consumers get car title loans for cars older than 10 years! As long as there is still enough equity, we can help you. Getting a loan on your car might help you get the money you need.

    Can You Get Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years?

    When you are looking for auto title loans for older cars, we are here to help you.  Getting a loan with a car title as collateral is an easy process with us. Back in the day, pawnshops, credit cards, and bank loans were the available funding options. So many notable financial institutes – title loan companies – will not allow car title loans for cars older than 10 years. So the big question is: can you get car title loans for cars older than 10 years?

    Car Title Loans For Older Cars

    There are times when you will find yourself faced with challenges that require an urgent financial response. Sometimes, the individuals that are in desperate need of urgent cash don’t have newer cars or vehicles to offer as collateral. And most title loan lenders are not interested in funding older cars cause they’re too risky.

    Use Our Online Car Title Loan Calculator To Estimate Your Older Car Auto Title Loan

    Since it is an older car, the lender’s assessment of the risks involved may likely affect the loan amount you can get. This amount, of course, will be based on results from the car title loan calculator. It is easy, quick, and free to get a car title loan. You can apply online with car title loans California by visiting our website

    How To Apply For An Older Car Title Loan

    Typically, you need a mileage reading of 100,000 max before your car is qualified for a title loan. Your car’s worth will be evaluated to determine how much it will qualify you to access. Then a title loan representative will guide you through the rest of the process.

    financing a car older than 10 years

    The Department of Business Oversight regulates and oversees auto title loans, interest rates, as well as other vital requirements. Though they may vary between lenders, especially if you are requesting for this loan with an older car. In general, you should expect to get a cash advance within the range of $2,500 to $50,000. As you read further, you will see some of the requirements you need to get a car title loan for cars older than 10 years.

    Provide The Required Documents For Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years

    You just have to submit minimal documentation, the pink slip, and California driver’s license to be able to avail the loan. We also conduct a credit score check, but it is not what the loan hinges on. We just want to make sure that you can repay the loan against your car. This is the same reason we also verify your current employment status.

    Unlike traditional banks and credit unions, we hardly take time to approve your loan on an old car. Once you submit all the documents, we will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to approve your loan amount. This amount will be contingent on the inspection of the vehicle. 

    Bad Credit Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years

    Whether you have a good or poor credit score does not matter to us. As long as you can repay the loan. We just do not favor borrowers who are currently in bankruptcy. Contact Car Title Loans California today to find out more about our title loans for cars older than 10 years.

    Requirements For Older Car Title Loans In California

    • You need to provide any document that shows your monthly earnings
    • Your credit score and history are not the most important factors in getting a car title loan in California. Yet, we still need to do a credit check …
    • We want to see pictures of your car showing every tiny but relevant detail
    • We need to see the VIN, model, make, and mileage reading on the odometer

    As long as you don’t default the agreed terms, you continue to drive your car wherever you want. The only thing you hand over is your car title. Car title loans are typically short-term loans, but we offer you a longer payment period of 24 to 36 months. You get back your title when you pay the loan in full. Learn more at

    How Much Money Can You Get For a Car Older Than 10 Years?

    In California the minimum loan amount you can get, according to the Department of Business Oversight in California is $2,500. Auto title loans for older vehicles are possible with our program. Please apply and let us see how we can help you.

    auto loan for 10 year old car

    California Car Title Loans For Cars Older Than 10 Years

    At Car Title California, you do not have to freak out if your car is old. We accept all types of cars. The thing is, your car may be quite old, but could still have some cool features like; backup camera, a great navigation system, digital stereo, and more. Considering all these options, we offer you more of these add-ons to increase the present-day value of your car!

    If you have a car with high mileage, you can still qualify for a car title loan. The fact that your car has a high mileage does not mean that the car has lost all its value. At Car Title Loans California, or auto title loan program also works best on cars older than 10 years. We can get you a car title loans for cars older than 10 years to when you apply with us!